Major Cities in Australia

By | July 9, 2022

Canberra (Australia)

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, Canberra is the capital city. However, unlike European capitals, its capital status was predetermined even before construction began, and the place was chosen on the principle of equidistance from the two main contenders for the title of Australia’s main city – Sydney and Melbourne. Therefore, everything necessary for a city that has the status of a capital was designed in advance and implemented in 1927. Thanks to this, these days, amazingly elegant and full of fragrant gardens and verdant parks, this city fascinates with its thoughtfulness and harmony. There is an impression that each pebble is part of the architect’s idea. Beautiful architecture is successfully combined with shiny shop windows and tinted windows of restaurants.

This is a surprisingly cultural city, as befits a capital – among all other Australians, the population of Canberra stands out with a high percentage of residents with higher education. The Australian National Gallery is located here, where one of the largest art collections in the southern hemisphere is located, including more than 70 thousand exhibits.

In the suburbs of Canberra are the Kosciuszko and Tarva National Parks, which offer rich opportunities for walking and active tourism.

Also not far from the capital are the Snowy Mountains – a mountain range where the main and only ski resort of Australia – Thredbo is located., which attracts athletes and ski lovers from all over the country.

Adelaide (Australia)

Adelaide stands apart from other cities in the southeastern quarter of the country. The fact is that historically, convicts were never brought to the state of South Australia, and all local residents were free people. The first free colonists were mostly English, Irish and Scots, and a little later there was a flood of immigrants who were oppressed in Europe.

The layout of the city is also quite interesting – here the streets intersect at right angles, and as a result, the city center is surrounded by four avenues called the cardinal points – North, South, East and West. The appearance of the city has generally changed little since colonial times – unlike the cities of the East Coast, there are no huge skyscrapers here – on the contrary, large buildings do not dissonate with the colonial style of its architecture. Adelaide managed to avoid “Americanization”, life here flows slowly and calmly.

But in the field of the development of literature and art, it is in one of the first places in the country. On even years there are festivals of arts, on odd years there are festivals of wine from the Barossa valley. The Arts Festival lasts for two weeks, during which, it seems, you can see everything: ballet, concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, opera, variety shows.

In 1985, the city gained worldwide fame. It was from this moment that the Australian Grand Prix races in the Formula 1 class began to be held here annually. The race track runs right through the streets of the city.

Alice Springs (Australia)

Alice Springs is located in the center of Australia and is a living monument of those times when the development of the Great Deserts was just beginning.

The city itself is nothing extraordinary – small houses, a few streets scorched by the Australian sun, on which the standard tourist minimum is located – hotels, entertainment venues, supermarkets, etc. The main attractions within Alice Springs are the offices of typically Australian organizations such as the radio station “Aero School”, which broadcasts lessons on the radio for children living in remote areas and unable to attend a regular school and the Royal Medical Service “Flying Doctor” providing medical care in the vast territory of Central Australia.

The main role of the tourist role of Alice Springs is transit. It is from here that numerous excursions and routes to the sights of the continental part of the country start – to the Uluru rock (Ayers Rock), to Arltanga – a ghost town abandoned since the gold rush, to the Palm Valley – the most unique place for the desert, where the oldest cicada palms grow, as well as Australia ‘s oldest farms.

Excursions to the real natural wonder of Australia – the Royal Canyon also depart from here. – a natural canyon, the length of which is 2 km, and the height of the walls reaches 200 meters.

Alice Springs is also the capital of aboriginal territories, it is in this area that you can get to know the way of life, way of life and habits of the indigenous people of Australia.

Brisbane (Australia)

Brisbane and surroundings is a city of sun, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, rare and unusual wildlife, amazing rainforests. But it was not always so.

The foundation of Brisbane in 1824 was intended to create a penal colony of the strictest regime – it was here that the most terrible criminals and hardened recidivists were exiled. Free colonists were allowed to settle here only in 1842, and soon the city became the capital of the newly formed state of Queensland.

Today Brisbane is full of cultural attractions – here are the Brisbane Gallery, Parliament House, Botanic Gardens, Queensland Museum and Art Gallery. Brisbane is home to many educational institutions, including universities, vocational schools and schools. Today it is a city with a clear layout, wide streets, numerous parks and interesting modern architecture. All this is organically combined with carefully preserved historical buildings.

The Brisbane area is also famous for its magnificent beaches and excellent conditions for diving and surfing.

Brisbane (Australia)