Major Cities in Israel

By | July 9, 2022

Tel Aviv (Israel)

According to ITYPEMBA, Tel Aviv was founded in 1909, so there are not so many historical sights here. Now it is both a resort and a recognized center of culture, trade and entertainment. A pedestrian seaside boulevard stretches through the whole city, which leads to the ancient city of Jaffa. It is believed that Noah built his ark here. In the port of Jaffa, nightlife is in full swing – discos, bars and restaurants are open around the clock. The Palace of Independence is interesting, in which, in 1948, the State of Israel was proclaimed.

In Tel Aviv itself many museums. The most interesting of them are the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Eretz Israel Museum, which exhibits archaeological finds from the Philistine period, and the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, equipped with modern technical facilities, located on the territory of Tel Aviv University, which stores a large amount of information about the life of Jews.

Tel Aviv is known for its colorful oriental markets. The Carmel Market in the Yemeni Quarter is one of the largest open-air bazaars in the Middle East. Park Yarkon is famous for its green lawns, botanical garden and rock garden in the Japanese style, bird park “Tsapari”. The local Tel Aviv Zoo is considered one of the best in Asia.

Close to Tel Aviv Caesarea is located – a place of grandiose archaeological excavations. Now a historical park has been created here with the remains of a Roman water pipe, the oldest theater discovered in Israel, the amphitheater of King Herod, sections of city streets of the Roman and Byzantine periods, and a complex of public bathhouses of the Byzantine period with magnificent decoration.

Haifa (Israel)

Haifa is the third largest city in Israel. It is located on Mount Carmel. Now it is known as one of the best Mediterranean resorts in northern Israel.

The main attraction of Haifa is the famous Bahai Temple with luxurious Persian gardens and the tomb of El Baha. This temple is considered the world center of the Baha’i faith. In addition, the city is interesting for the Catholic monastery of the Carmelite order of the 13th century, the Great Synagogue on Herzl Street, the cave of Elijah the Prophet, the National Maritime Museum, the Museum of Music, the Museum of Japanese Folk Art with a Japanese-style “rock garden” and a “sculpture garden” on the boulevard Zionism.

The city has one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Israel . – Reserve “Carmel”, adjacent to the University of Haifa.

Safed (Israel)

Safed is located in the mountains at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. From here, both the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean Sea are perfectly visible. In the Middle Ages, the city became the world spiritual center of the teachings of Kabbalah.

Now Safed is full of artists and craftsmen, even an “artists’ quarter” was built here with numerous workshops and galleries. In the center of the Old City there is an ancient fortress, most of which is buried underground. There are also many synagogues in Safed, where the sacred relics of Judaism are kept.

Eilat (Israel)

Eilat is a resort city located in the very south of Israel, on the Red Sea coast. Many sandy beaches, the opportunity to swim all year round and a large number of dive centers have made Eilat the most popular holiday destination in Israel.

The surroundings of the city are famous for a variety of geological faults – Amram Pillars, Black Canyon, Mount Yoash and Solomon’s Gorge – they all belong to Timna Park.

On the coast of the Gulf of Eilat are the northernmost coral reefs in Eurasia. In the Dolphin Reef Reserve, you will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and feed them. Also of interest is the reserve of biblical wild animals “Khaibar”, where animals that are on the verge of extinction are bred.

Ein Bokek (Israel)

Ein Bokek is a popular resort area on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Here, in green oases, there are many medical centers that offer a variety of procedures based on the waters of the Dead Sea, as well as mud extracted in its vicinity.

Tiberias (Israel)

Tiberias is located on the western shore of Lake Kinneret in the Lower Galilee. The city was founded 2000 years ago. After the expulsion of the Jews, Tiberias became one of the main sacred cities of this people.

Now it is one of the most famous resort centers in Israel. Near Tiberias there are hot sulfur springs, the healing waters of which are used in the treatment of rheumatism and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

The old town is right on the lake. There are ancient houses built of black stone. But the most important tourist attraction is the sacred site of Yardenit, where, according to legend, Jesus Christ was baptized. Now a paved descent has been laid to the Jordan River, along which believers can get to the water and plunge into them.

Tiberias (Israel)