Ocho Rios (Jamaica)

Kingston (Jamaica)

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, Kingston is the largest English-speaking city south of Miami. The city lies on a vast plain on the shores of the seventh largest natural harbor in the world. It was founded after a devastating earthquake on the site of the old Port Royal, where pirates found their refuge in the Middle Ages. Kingston

became the capital in 1872. Now the city is not very similar to the capital of the state, there are many dilapidated buildings of colonial times. Tourists most often linger briefly in Kingston, because they are more attracted to the beaches and resorts located nearby.

The main attractions of the Jamaican capital are the National Gallery in the Roy West Building, which presents the work of local artists; 19th century sculptures and religious works by Maliki Reynolds; The Royal House, where the museum is now located, as well as a large number of museums: the Museum of the Armed Forces, the Museum of National History, the Museum of Geology, the Museum of Archeology, the Museum of Natural History, the Arawak Museum, the Zoological Museum and the Bob Marley Museum.

In general, the Bob Marley Museum is the most popular place in Kingston among tourists. It is a home-museum of the world-famous reggae artist. Bob Marley died at the age of 36, but was popular long before his death. Here you can look at the lyrics of his songs and see a film about the life of this man.

Be sure to take a walk through the Castleton Botanical Gardens and Caymanas Park.

Montego Bay (Jamaica)

The most popular resort in Jamaica is Montego Bay, which is located in the northwest of the island. It is the second largest city in Jamaica. Among the locals, he is known as MoBay. It was on this coast that Christopher Columbus first landed in 1494, and in 1510 the first Spanish settlement was created. Now there is an international airport near Montego Bay.

Snow-white beaches stretch in the northern part of the resort (closer to the airport) for 16 km. Among them, the most famous are Mosquito Cove, Cornwall and Doctor Cave. Doctor Cave Beach considered the cleanest, there are pools that are filled with mineral water gushing from underground springs. The water temperature in them fluctuates between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius. In order to sunbathe on one of the beaches listed above, you will have to pay an entrance fee, but it is still better than relaxing on a public beach where there are many merchants. Life in MoBay does not stop even at night: discos, bars and restaurants are waiting for their visitors around the clock.

Also here you can do any kind of sea recreation, especially within the resort there is the National Marine Park of the same name, the area of \u200b\u200bwhich is 40 square meters. km. It was founded in 1990 to protect the inhabitants of the Montego Bay seabed .. The park is divided into several zones where you can either dive, or fish, or just relax. Coral reefs, rare sea creatures and coastal mangroves are protected here. The reef walls in the park descend to a depth of 50 m and are covered with hard and soft corals. The park’s most popular dive site is Widowsmaker Cave. It is located under water at a depth of 25 m. Swimming along it, you will find yourself in a 3-meter natural tunnel with a width of 3 m, where stingrays, moray eels, sharks and small colorful fish live.

In April 2003, the Dolphin Laguna attraction was opened at the Half Moon Hotel., where tourists are offered to swim with dolphins, play with them, even kiss and feel like a real trainer of these mammals. The attraction is available only to hotelguests.

From the local port, you can take a cruise along this coast of Jamaica or take a walk around the bay on a small pleasure boat “Coral Sea”. Its underwater part has an air-conditioned room, along the walls of which there are large windows.

Negril (Jamaica)

The resort of Negril is located in the west of Jamaica. It stretches along the coast from the city lighthouse to Bludy Bay. Negril began to develop in 1960, when hippies began to relax here. And now this is the most popular holiday destination for young people, because the most fun parties are held in Negril.

The main beach of the resort is Long Beach with a length of 7 km, also popular vacation spots are Bludi Bay in the northern part of Negril, where the famous battle of Columbus with the Arawaks took place, and Calico Jack beach. The main advantage of Negril is that it is considered one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world. From the lighthouse, which is located in the southern part of the city and stands at an altitude of about 40 m above sea level, a beautiful view of the coast opens up. In order to look at this beauty, you will have to overcome more than 100 steps of the lighthouse.

Negril is considered one of the best dive sites in Jamaica. To the north of Bloody Bay are great places for snorkeling. Of the most popular dive sites, Tron Rum Cave can be distinguished. It is located under water at a depth of 20 m, its width is 12 m. The walls of the cave are covered with yellow sponges, the water here is very clean and visibility is about 30 m. Rock Cliff reef with moray eels and Shark Reef are also interesting. where nurse sharks meet.

In the resort area of Negril there is a place Appleton, which is known as the main place for the production of Jamaican rum, excursions are organized to the local distilleries. Not far from Negril, it is worth visiting the Mayfield Falls. These are 22 picturesque waterfalls, under each of which you can swim.

Of interest is the Royal Palm Reserve east of Negril near Sheffield. The reserve was opened in 1989 to protect the marsh palm. This site is part of one of the two largest wetlands in Jamaica, the Great Marshes.. This is a place for those who like to watch birds. Along the whole reserve there is a long but narrow wooden walking path, walking along which you will see many species of birds.

Ocho Rios (Jamaica)

The resort of Ocho Rios is located in the Discovery Bay area on the northern coast of the island of Jamaica. Translated from Spanish, the name of the city means “8 rivers”, because small rivers flow in its vicinity, on which numerous waterfalls have formed. Once the port of Ocho Rios was used for the export of local bananas, now luxury cruise liners arrive here. Ocho Rios impresses with its lush and diverse vegetation, there are buildings from the colonial period, such as the Anglican Church and the Memorial Church, and there is also a huge street market selling handicrafts. Wol coastline stretches sandy beaches. James Bond Beach is world famous.

Where one of the moments of the film of the same name was filmed, Boston Beach, fashionable Crystal Spring and Twin Harbor Bay are also popular. Diving is possible in the coastal waters of Ocho Rios. The most interesting place for diving is located near the coast. Here, an already unused minesweeper was once specially flooded so that fish and corals settled in it.

3 km from the city center is a waterfall on the Danse River near the coastline. In the rainforest, water flows down stone terraces from a height of 183 meters, creating cool lakes below. The waterfall is shallow enough to climb directly on the terraces to the top, from where a view of the surroundings opens.

Ocho Rios (Jamaica)