Mango Opens Megastore in Full Milla De Oro, Madrid, Serrano Street Already Has Another Great Low Cost

The arrival of handle to the Serrano Street in Madrid It has been like a birth, slow but with a happy ending. The day has come after more than ten months seeing how the building was transformed radically, from tomorrow, the store will be open for everyone, but we have been able to walk and discover every corner of this incredible megastore. Handle landed as well in one of the most important streets of the city, where Zara, its main competition, is already present for years with its iconic store.

2,000 square meters Shop who becomes one of the most important points of sale to the Spanish firm, four floors they are present all collection lines. This means a before and an after brand, now stores breathe this new era are already getting from campaigns and special collections which currently develop. We found important new a large courtyard with sculptures of steel cut where the clothes look more than anywhere else, a perfect place to disconnect after discovering all the proposals.

The technology could not miss and today everything revolves around her, is in this store where have been first implemented the virtual testers where you can choose any size you need and a dependent take it quickly, something so comfortable that soon will extend to many more Mango stores worldwide. Shop has wifi and of course you can pay via mobile phone. White tone takes over the new image of the shops, something that promotes a lot items that previously were upstaged in some way by that tone color sepia.