Marshall Islands Overview

By | June 22, 2021

Animals and Plants

What is growing there?

The soils of the Marshall Islands contain few nutrients. There are only a few species in plants and animals. Because only plants that can tolerate a lot of salt can grow on the Marshall Islands. On the one hand, there is the coconut palm, which, like on many other islands in the Pacific, has to feel good despite the high salt content.

The pandanus tree, also known as the “screw tree”, can withstand these conditions. There are also banana trees and the breadfruit tree, the fruits of which are very important for the nutrition of the people on the islands. Eggplants, corn and peppers are even grown on some islands.

Diverse underwater world

The fauna and flora in the sea is diverse. It is said that the Majuro corals are the most beautiful in the world. Many fish cavort in the waters. The reef is the hunting ground for countless species of fish. Tuna, rays, poison vole fish that feed on algae and microorganisms, blacktip reef sharks and other types of sharks are just some of the species that can be found here.

Parrotfish feed on corals. Clown or anemonefish belong to the genus of damselfish, which are only found in Micronesia. Wrasse or cleaner fish are useful because they rid other fish of parasites. Shrimp feed on sea anemones. Flounders dig themselves into the sand for camouflage and are difficult to spot. Cardinalfish also like to hide.
Lobsters are nocturnal animals. Some species live in shallow waters and are very easy to catch.

Marshall Islands Animals


Agriculture and fishing

In agriculture, people mainly produce for their own consumption. They earn a little money growing and exporting copra, fish and coconut oil.

Also, licenses sold to large fleets to fish. However, this creates problems because there is usually too little fish left for the local fishermen when the large fleets fish everything empty. Most of the products for daily needs and also a lot of groceries have to be imported.

Dependence on the US

As a country in Oceania defined by listofusnewspapers, the Marshall Islands are heavily dependent on the US, which supports the country with financial aid. But the residents have to provide something in return. The Americans use the missile base installed on the Marshall Islands for their experimental purposes. The USA is also the islands’ most important trading partner. The currency is the US dollar.

However, the islands are increasingly relying on income from tourism. Here one builds on the beauty of the landscapes, which should increasingly attract foreign visitors.

Eating in Marshall Islands

Healthy and unhealthy

As on many other South Sea islands, breadfruit is one of the most popular foods. This is grown there. There are so many such trees. This breadfruit can weigh up to two kilograms and is prepared in different ways. The cooks conjure up salads from it or deep-fry the fruit, which then looks like our chips.

Delicious fish wrapped in banana leaves

A land that lies directly in the sea naturally also offers a lot of fresh fish. The barramundi cod is popular. This fish is caught fresh here. You cover it with banana leaves and then cook it. This keeps the fish very juicy and tastes delicious.

Other fish are also prepared this way. Deep-sea fish such as tuna, marlin or sailfish can also be on the menu. In addition, there are prawns that land fresh on the table in the Marshall Islands without any transport routes. These are particularly popular fried and then eaten with a hot sauce.

Coconut milk and palm thief

Coconut milk, Brazil nuts, sometimes prepared as a sweet snack, and the palm thief, a giant crab that can open coconuts, are also on the menu. Fried chicken is also a popular dish.

The residents of the Marshall Islands share their food generously, by the way. Those who have something like to give away. The isolation, droughts and lack of food that often exist has made sharing a necessity.

Sugar is the poison

If the inhabitants of the Marshall Islands continued to eat fish and home-grown vegetables and fruits alone, they would certainly be very healthy. But the Americans not only brought the atomic bomb to the islands, but also a creeping poison: sugar. Sugary foods such as sweets and soft drinks are now part of the diet.

In addition, there are too many products made from white flour and too much fat. That’s why a lot of people get sick. Being overweight often leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Less and less fresh food is eaten. This is how the inhabitants of the islands share the problems of our society. We too eat too much sugar and fat.