Michigan – Great Lakes State

By | July 5, 2022

At the Great Lakes

The US state of Michigan is located in the Northwest of the USA in the “Great Lakes” area. Michigan is nicknamed the “Great Lakes State,” which is understandable. Michigan is one of the Midwestern states of the United States.

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State Capitol and A. Blair


State Capitol and A. Blair

In addition to industry, tourism plays an important role in Michigan’s economy. The state of Michigan also consists of two separate parts of the state that are connected by Lake Michigan. The northern part is referred to as the Upper Peninsula. The global brand “Ford” has its roots in Detroit, Michigan. The capital of Michigan is Lansing.

Life on the “Great Lakes”

Michigan in the north of the USA has many untouched natural landscapes. Michigan has the world’s longest coastline of freshwater inland waters. Actually, the “Great Lakes” in the north-east of the USA can be described as small “seas”. Most of Michigan’s beaches can be described as scenically beautiful. The country has numerous publicly accessible beach areas on the coast.

The lakes are home to some of the tallest freshwater sand dunes in the world. The coast of the Great Lakes is very varied. There are also rocky, jagged, mostly colored sandstone cliffs.

Eagle Harbor – Lighthouse – Keweenaw Peninsula – Michigan

Mackinac Island

The waters off Michigan’s coast are home to hundreds of mostly very small islands. Mackinac Island is located between southern and northern Michigan. Mackinac Island is a popular vacation resort. The island is car-free and its buildings have retained the Victorian style of the 19th century. Mackinac Island is home to the 18th-century Fort Mackinac. It was originally built by the French and then taken over by the English. Fort Mackinac can be visited.

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is located in Lake Huron. There is a kind of “Bermuda Triangle” for ships. The waters there are very treacherous and dangerous. The weather there is usually unusually bad, mostly foggy.

The region is referred to as ” Shipwreck Alley “, the avenue of shipwrecks. There are said to be around 200 sunken ships on the seabed in the Thunder Bay region. About 50 wrecks have been discovered and explored to date; nearly 30 shipwrecks have been found outside Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Although every shipwreck was a tragedy in its own right, Lake Huron’s “Shipwreck Alley” is an important site in American history. The history and development of shipping on the Great Lakes can be traced under water. There are merchant ships, paddle steamers, cargo ships, fishing boats and many more.

On the shores of Lake Superior – Upper Peninsula

Other highlights and travel destinations

In addition to the Isle Royale National Park, Michigan has another outstanding nature reserve with the “Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore” on the west coast of southern Michigan. For the most part, this natural area consists of huge sand dunes on the edge of Lake Michigan. There are 115 beautiful lighthouses along the Michigan coast, 34 of which are open to the public.

Upper Peninsula – northern part of Michigan

About 90 percent of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan’s northern peninsula, is still forested. The nature of the peninsula is overwhelming, both in the forest areas and in the coastal area. There are important protected areas for waterfowl. Over 140 waterfalls have been counted on the peninsula.

Mackinac Bridge connects Upper and Lower Michigan

Leisure activities on the water

Attractions in Michigan – United States. The country in the north of the USA is strongly influenced by the Great Lakes. Michigan isn’t called the “Great Lakes State” for nothing. The upper peninsula of the country in particular is suitable for all kinds of leisure activities on and by the water.

Landmarks in Michigan

  • Renaissance Center
  • Central Station Michigan
  • Van Andel Arena
  • Fort Mackinac
  • Mackinac Island
  • Masonic Temple
  • Warren Dunes
  • Belle Isle
  • Kalamazoo Aviation Museum
  • Mackinac Bridge
  • Comerica Park
  • Michigan Stadium
  • Traverse Area
  • Sutton’s Bay
  • Guardian Building Detroit
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s House
  • Fort Holmes
  • Arch Rock
  • Oval Beach
  • Saugatuck Dunes
  • Kalamazoo River
  • Pere Marquette Park
  • AirZoo
  • Alpena
  • The picturesque “Beachtowns”
  • Big Rapids
  • Blue Water Area
  • Cadillac
  • Charlevoix
  • Cold water country
  • Detroit
  • Flint & Genesee County
  • Frankenmuth
  • gaylord
  • Grand Rapids
  • Great Lakes Region Bay
  • Harbor Springs
  • Holland
  • Jackson
  • Lansing
  • Ludington and SS Badger
  • Marquette
  • Michigan Wines – Wineries
  • Michigan’s Adventure
  • monroe
  • Mount Pleasant
  • muskegon
  • Sault Ste. Marie
  • Silver Lake Sand Dunes
  • Sunrise Coast
  • St Ignace
  • Thunder Bay Resort
  • Tullymore Golf Resort

Michigan National Park

The island of “Isle Royale” is located north of the “Upper Peninsula” – peninsula of Michigan, within Lake Superior. The island of Isle Royale, located in Lake Superior, has an outstanding natural paradise with the Isle Royale National Park. The island of the same name is located on Isle Royale National Park, where moose and wolves can roam undisturbed through a pristine wilderness.

Nature and Recreation in Michigan

Aside from the coastal area, Michigan also has numerous nature reserves, campgrounds, forests, meadows and lakes in the interior. For recreational activists, Michigan is paradise. Hiking, horseback riding and cycling is very popular. Cross-country skiing is possible in winter. In addition, Michigan has a very high number of golf courses.

Big Cities in Michigan

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Lansing

See Countryaah for more cities in the state of Michigan.

National Park in Michigan

  • Isle Royale National Park

Map of Michigan – USA

Map of Michigan in USA. Michigan is located in the American Midwest on the Great Lakes. The map shows the location of the national park, neighboring countries, the country’s largest cities, rivers, lakes, highways and major transport links. The area of ​​Michigan is 250,494 km² (water and land area). Lansing is the capital of the US state of Michigan. About 10 million people live in Michigan as of 2019.