Middle East Banks

By | January 30, 2023

Middle East is an expression often used to designate the territories that lie between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea, including also Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. The political concept of the Middle East also includes Egypt and Cyprus.

  • Countryaah: provides a complete list of countries and territories in the continent of Middle East including official names of each country, independent dates, as well as map of Middle East.
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Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

Profile of this financial institution includes descriptions about its products and services, financial highlights and employment listings.

Website: http://www.bbkonline.com/

Lebanon – Banque Saradar

Provides a description of products and services, and the bank’s affiliates. Read a profile of the bank too.

Website: http://www.saradar.com.lb/homint_f.htm

Lebanon – BEMO Bank Home Page

Investigate the financial highlights of this bank. Find a consolidated balance sheet and details about network branches.

Website: http://www.bemo.com.lb/

Oman – International Bank

Large bank in Oman provides a profile, a historical overview, info about branches, and a list of services. Includes news and contact details.

Website: http://oiboman.com/

Palestine – Palestinian International Bank

Institution features an overview of services, a facilities tour, news, financial tips, a Palestine profile, and contact information.

Website: http://www.pibank.com/

Qatar – Standard Chartered

Read details of services for business and personal clients. Treasury services are also described.

Website: http://www.standardchartered.com/qa.html

Yemen – Central Bank of Yemen

Bank carries out the country’s monetary policy, and provides info about its functions, policies, and laws.

Website: http://www.cbyemen.com/

Yemen – Commercial Bank

Private sector bank posts services, reviews, management details, and a list of branches. Includes financial statements.

Website: http://www.ycbank.com/

Middle East Banks