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By | February 25, 2022

Montenegro is called one of the youngest republics in the world. Only in 2006 did it cease to be a single entity with Serbia, which only benefited it. Every year, excursion tours to Montenegro are made by millions of tourists from all over the world, which is not at all surprising. According to, Podgorica is the capital of Montenegro.

Tours to Montenegro are striking in their diversity. You can choose a tour for every taste: bus, airor combined. Montenegro is ideal for family holidays. Clean air and quiet sandy beaches are incredibly relaxing, and the Mediterranean climate is just right for relaxing in this beautiful country. In summer, the temperature in Montenegro can reach +40 degrees, but more often +35, and the water warms up to +26 degrees. You can diversify lying on the beach with a trip with children to the water park. Trips to Montenegro by bus from Minsk are suitable for families with older children, and for traveling with small children, we can recommend a combined tour (there – by air, back – by bus). In this section, you can find both exclusive offers with accommodation in luxury hotels, as well as inexpensive tours to Montenegro by bus.

Montenegro is famous not only for its beaches. Buy a tour to Montenegro will want and fans of extreme recreation will appreciate the majestic mountains. In addition to an unforgettable outdoor recreation, Montenegro is worth visiting for its magnificent architecture: to date, many architectural monuments have been preserved there (Orthodox monasteries carved into the rocks deserve special attention). Young people will not be bored either – Montenegro will delight you with a variety of nightclubs.

We want to make your holiday bright and memorable, so we offer tours to the most picturesque resorts in Montenegro. In this section of the site you can get acquainted with various options for recreation, choose a villa or hotel to your liking.

Bus tours to Montenegro from Minsk deserve a separate description. This is the best option for those who want to buy a cheap tour in Montenegro and not only relax on the sea, but at the same time see the beauty of famous European cities. A tour of Europe with a holiday in Montenegro will allow you to visit several countries at once, each of which will leave you with the warmest memories.


Montenegro is a very beautiful, small country. Visa-free is a very promising direction for the 2015 season. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to fly to Tivat airport (on the coast 23 km from Budva). The Serbian language is understandable to us, and Russian is also spoken almost everywhere. Budva is perhaps the main resort of Montenegro, with excellent infrastructure, restaurants, shops, entertainment, parks and amusement parks. Immediately behind Budva is the resort of Becici, behind them – Rafailovici – smaller resorts with wide sandy beaches. In Budva, the beaches are mostly sandy, only the coast called “Slavic Beach” is small pebbles, the entrances to the sea are gentle in all of Budva. The best beach in Montenegro, the most beautiful – Mogren is also in Budva, outside the Old Town, from anywhere in Budva you need to “walk” Beaches – free, equipment for a fee 2-3euro per unit (umbrella or sun lounger). Budva – A lot of restaurants, cafes and shops. There are many discos that are located on the first line from the sea, all are free, only you need to buy drinks (and even then it’s not so important), they work until 1 am, so it’s noisy on the first line.

Basically, a popular type of accommodation is a villa (apartments, as they are called in Montenegro), these are the same hotels, of a smaller capacity, they are also cleaned daily, without food, they mostly have kitchens, which is excluded in hotels, and with all the variety of delicious specialties in the store and in the market, the kitchen becomes a necessity.

Eating in MONTENEGRO is easy and simple!!! and most importantly – cheap! Cheaper than it will be included in the price of the hotel. For economical tourists – near the MEGA market, there is a fish shop where the freshest chilled fish is cooked right in front of YOU!!! and packed while it is being prepared, next to the Mega market and the market – fruits, vegetables, wine, etc. The cost for 1 kg of trout in the shop is 2.5 euros, sea bream, sea bass – 6 euros, squid – 4 euros, cooking – 3 euros for everything! Vegetables on the market, the average price is 1-1.5 euros per kg (no matter what), 2 liters of wine-2.80 euros. As a result, having bought everything in the shop and in the market, bringing it to the villa, you can eat for 5-8 euros per person with wine! There are also butcher shops – cheaper than fish, a steak cooked from good meat will cost 1-2 euros, in the end – you can eat for 3.5-5 euros per person! On the beach in all restaurants set lunches of 3 courses from 4 to 7 euros (fish usually about 7). For those who are not very economical – in restaurants on the menu it will be more expensive, but not much, 1 hot dish with a side dish from 5 euros, wine liter – 8-10 euros, total – about 8-15 euros per person, breakfast – 3-4 euros per person any restaurant.

For food per day – 14-20 euros per person will be enough if you go to the shop, the market, the store and sometimes the restaurant.


Wine . Of the grape wines, the most popular are the red Vranac and the white Krstac.

Prices vary, starting from 3 euros for 0.75 liters.

Montenegrins also like to surprise by making tinctures from nuts or herbs.
You can buy or taste the local fruit vodka called rakia.

Prshut. Prosciutto is a cured pork ham soaked in brine. It is this technology that allows the meat to have an amazing aroma and softness.

Cheese. Most of the territory of Montenegro is mountainous, which makes it possible for its inhabitants to engage in cattle breeding. So try and bring home goat cheese. It can be for every taste: salty, fresh, curd or hard rubber.

homemade olive oil

National clothes. If the budget allows, you can buy the national headdress of Montenegrins – a cap, reminiscent of a fez with a scarlet bottom, on which the coat of arms of the country or the owner’s initials are embroidered with gold; and also – chemere – women’s filigree belt.


Prices in EUR

from Budva, Tivat, Petrovets, Herceg Novi
Bus Car
Cetinje / Njegus ancient capital of Montenegro,
Museum of King Nikola and Cetinje monastery, bus tour with entrance tickets
26 130
Kotor and Boka Kotorska Bay
Bus trip, boat trip along Kotorska Bay, Kotor city, Gospa do Shkrpel museum, Perast city museum
Ostrog Monastery
excursion by bus with a visit to the miraculous Ostrog Monastery from the 17th century, which is located in the rock; with entrance tickets; buying souvenirs
twenty 160
“2 canyons” (Tara and Moraca),
tour of Biograd Lake, visit to the medieval monastery of Moraca from 1252
thirty 260
Skadar Lake – a trip to the largest in the Balkans (Virpazar, fish lunch – buffet), boat trip, beach 38 120
Rafting – bus trip, rafting on the Tara River, breakfast and lunch, national cuisine. Personal equipment: tracksuit, a pair of T-shirts, sneakers, two pairs of socks, a bathing suit, a baseball cap. 75
Fish picnic – Galia beach, boat trip, fish lunch with a drink “Vine”, fruit, wine, sunbeds, umbrellas; swimming and sunbathing 35
Boat trip – a panorama of the city of Budva, the island of St. Nikola, Becici, Milocer and St. Stefan-island-hotel, with a break on the beach Fractional sand, with the possibility of lunch for extra. payment 15
A visit to a peasant house, a bus ride to the village and snacks and dinner in the national style, a walk to the nearest church and tasting Montenegrin vines (100g) and wines (4 types of wine x 100g) 35
Safari – excursion by bus; jeep safari on the most beautiful mountain Belasitsa, with lunch 80
Bar – Ulcinj visiting the old part of the city of Bar; olive trees that are older than Jesus Christ, a trip to the city of Ulcinj with mosques and an unusual old market 22
Dubrovnik bus tour to Croatia, sightseeing of the old town of Stradun, Onofri Fountain, Prince’s Palace and Franjevac Monastery 45
Pirate night – at 21:00 on a boat, arrival at Gallia beach, dinner of your choice meat or fish, folklore, night swimming 36
National dinner at the restaurant “Under the Olives” on Sveti Stefan with folklore and music, with a visit to the island-hotel Sv. Stefan, drinks and dishes of national cuisine: vine, house wine, olives, cheese, prosciutto, lamb from under the lid, salad, dessert, 28
Variety evening at the Maestral Hotel, buffet dinner, 5 free casino tokens, music program 28

The price of excursions includes: the cost of transport services, guide services, the cost of entrance tickets, which are indicated in the program.

Prices are for adults. Discount for children (2-12 years old) 50%.
Payment for excursions is made on the spot.

Description of excursions

Montenegro – bus tour of Montenegro
Cetinje – the old capital of Montenegro, which has preserved numerous monuments of history and culture: the Cetinje Monastery, which contains the remains (embalmed hand) of St. John the Baptist, the Palace of King Nikola, the Negosh Museum, the Blue Museum. Vlaška Church, Central Historical Museum, Art Gallery. Lovcen is a mountain range, on top of which is the mausoleum of Petar Petrovich Njegosh, a ruler who entered the history of Montenegro as an outstanding cultural figure.
Kotor and the Bay
of Kotor Bus tour of the city of Kotor. Boat trip: Kotor, Perast, Gospa od Shkrpela. The island was built by sailors, returning from wanderings, they threw stones into the sea. Kotor is the oldest city (III century BC), a city of glorious navigators, which is a genuine, well-preserved treasury of cultural monuments, including: the clock tower (VIII century), the Church of St. Luke (XII century), the Prince’s Palace ( VII c), St. Tripun’s Cathedral (XII c.), Napoleon’s theater and others.
Miraculous Ostrog Monastery
The tour by bus lasts about 10 hours. Ostrog, on those who see it for the first time, makes an indelible impression. The monastery is carved into the rock, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. The building of the 17th century invariably preserves the spirit of that era. Ostrog Monastery keeps the holy relics of Vasily Ostrogsky, a famous miracle worker who died in 1671. Pilgrimages to Ostrog are made annually.
Canyons of Tara
and Morachi We suggest visiting the canyons of Tara and Morachi as part of a bus tour. The tour plan includes: visiting the Moraca Monastery (1250) and Durmitor (2525 m / um), a place included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1981. The Tara River Canyon is the deepest place in the world, after the canyon in Colorado.
Lake We offer an excursion to Skadar Lake by bus and boat. Skadar Lake and the territories adjacent to it are considered a reserve zone. You will see more than 300 species of rare birds and plants when visiting Skadar Lake. The tour includes boating on the lake for 2.5 hours, relaxing on the beach, lunch with a tasting of Skadar fish.
Rafting along the unusual canyon of the Tara River. Mode of transport: bus, jeep, raft. The canyon is the largest in Europe, the depth reaches 1300 meters. Rafting on the Tara River 3 hours. Inflatable boats (7-10 people) Duration of the excursion is about 15 hours.
Fish picnic
Boat trip St. Stefan, Milocer, Becici, island “St. Nikola” to the beautiful beach “Drobni Pesak” or beach “Galia”. Bathing, lunch from fresh sea fish.
Visit to an old peasant village
Evening excursion with a visit to a village in the mountains. Dinner, national dances and songs. Wine tasting “Vranac”, “Krstač”, the famous vine and dishes (prosciutto, homemade cheese).
Dubrovnik is considered to be one of the most unusual cities in Europe. It is located between the sea and Srd mountain. The history of the city is incredibly ancient, it was built in the 7th century. The fortress walls stretch for 2 km. The tour includes a visit to the Prince’s Palace, the Franevac Cathedral, the Dominican and the Cathedral, the Onofria fountain, and the aquarium.


For citizens of Belarus, visa-free entry to Montenegro is provided for a stay of up to one month on the basis of a tourist voucher.

Have with you:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Air ticket with return date
  3. Hotel voucher
  4. Cash at the rate of $50/day

For kids:

  • power of attorney from both parents (for children traveling without parents)

Minsk, Razinskaya str. 66/a,
Tel. (017) 2263492, fax (017) 2263495


BUDVA Resort (Budva)

Budva is rightfully considered the tourist capital of Montenegro. This is one of the oldest cities in Montenegro, so Budva will be a pleasant surprise for connoisseurs of antiquity. The city is divided into two parts – the historical center and New Budva. The old city is separated from modern buildings by the famous citadel of the 15thcentury, protecting the inhabitants from Turkish raids. For a long time Budva was ruled by the Venetians, which influenced the culture of the region. Walking through the narrow streets, you can admire classic examples of Venetian architecture. The modern part of the city has everything for a fun-filled holiday: bars, restaurants and nightclubs. But most of all tourists are attracted by the beaches of Budva, in particular, the notorious Mogren beach, located at the foot of fantastically beautiful rocks. It is covered with small pebbles and sand, but its main advantage is cleanliness. The favorable location of Budva makes it one of the warmest cities in the Mediterranean. It is sunny in Budva almost all year round, which cannot but attract tourists.

Resort BECICI (Becici)

Becici is a small resort village located a few kilometers from the tourist heart of Montenegro Budva. In 1935, Becici beach was recognized as the best in Europe. Since then, little has changed. This is one of the most picturesque beaches in the southern Adriatic. Most of Becici is occupied by hotels and villas, the main advantage of which is the proximity to the sea. For such a small village, the abundance of restaurants and cafes seems impossible, but you will find a dozen fish restaurants there, where local fishermen supply the freshest seafood every day.

Resort RAFAILOVICI / BECICI (Rafailovichi / Bechichi)

The cozy fishing village of Rafailovici is located at the end of Becici beach. The key word is fishing. The bulk of the local population are fishermen. If you want to enjoy a calm atmosphere and seafood, choose a hotel right on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. Fortunately, all hotels are located off the coast. A local attraction is the fish restaurant “Three Fishermen”. And in the afternoon, on the pier, you yourself can watch how the fishermen catch giant marlins, and even take pictures with them.

PRZNO / Milocer Resort

Fans of secluded, measured rest will love Przno and Milocer. The first village is well hidden in a small bay surrounded by mountains. The location of Pržno guarantees tourists peace and comfort. After relaxing on the beach, you can walk through the olive groves, breathe in the mountain air. As for the second destination, Milocer is adorned with a fascinating story about the royal family Karađorđević, who once made the village their residence. Since then, King’s Beach and Queen’s Beach have appeared there, where Queen Mary loved to swim. The main attraction of the resort is the 18-hectare botanical garden, which grows plants brought from Asia, Africa and America.


Those who want to feel like a star and feel in their own skin how VIPs relax should definitely visit the Sveti Stefan resort. This is a unique hotel complex, because the whole island is the territory of the hotel! At different times, stars of the first magnitude rested in this most original part of the Adriatic. The hotel consists of 80 cottages, on the territory of which there is a beach with pink sand. Jokingly, the island of St. Stephen is called the most “vertical” resort: vacationers can literally walk on the roofs of houses located on the lower street.


Today in Montenegro there is a huge selection of boarding houses and hotels, in addition, a vacation in the private sector of the country – the so-called private villas – becomes a good alternative. Hotels in Montenegro are located throughout the country, so you can easily choose a hotel in the resort that you liked the most. The most popular hotels in Montenegro know their worth, if you are planning a vacation in Montenegro during the velvet season, be prepared to pay a lot. A private villa will cost less – 7-10 euros per person per day. According to the system of “stars”, hotels in Montenegro are represented by a variety of proposals – from 2 * to 5 *. Hotels popular with Europeans are: Herceg Novi, Igalo, Hotel Splendid Conference & SPA Beach Resort and other category hotels from 4 *. Service in Montenegro meets European standards, choosing a hotel you do not need to add or subtract a unit in your mind in order to find out what class of service you will receive. A common feature of all hotels in Montenegro is hospitality, you will certainly expect delicious cuisine, friendly and efficient staff, clean sandy beaches, the availability of medical care, and the almost complete absence of a language barrier.

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