Mother’s Day 2017-What Sunglasses To Give On This Special Day

Mother’s Day 2017-Ideas For What To Give

In this article we want to help you to give that person who gives everything for you and deserves a very special gift.

Now that summer comes, time of the year when the sun’s rays fall perpendicularly on the earth, resulting more annoying and more dangerous to our health, that just as they are dangerous to the skin can also cause irreversible damage to the eyesight. And the only way to avoid it would be to protect yourself with the right sunglasses, because if they do not have a suitable filter, it damages us more than not carrying anything, and this is due to the following explanation: with the glasses on, when our eye obscures the eye Pupil dilates, and if the glasses do not filter out harmful radiation, the corneaand lens may reach higher doses.

We Show You 3 Models Of Sunglasses From Tous

Tous glasses 2017 collection is characterized by recovering shapes and geometries from the 60s and 70s, but adding current shades, presented in a variety of fresh and brightcolors to dress your look with the style that characterizes Tous.

Tous STO956

It is a classic and modern model at the same time, where it is characterized by a simple model, gives a touch of modern touches adopting a butterfly shape, fashion style today. Its front is made of paste and its metal rods, where it highlights its logo giving it a touch of particular elegance. It is available in four colors. For this reason we encourage you to take a look at theTous STO956.

Tous STO345

It is a model of sunglasses designed for stylish and elegant women , who like to go trendy. It stands out for its combination of materials. It consists of a flat front with a soft cat eye shape and the lens rim made of acetate in front of the bridge and rods that are made of metal. Its slender rods carry an embellisher formed by a white pearl where it has incrunstado the teddy of tous, giving him an extraordinary elegance. As in the previous model, we encourage you to take some time to visualize the variety of colors that the Tous STO345 owns.

Tous STO353

Here we present a metallic model for those women who prefer this material more and the carrying of mounts more discharged and light. It is a classic model of aviator style, always fashionable, but with a personalized touch of Tous, where it combines that casual look that provides this style, in front of the touch that brings the Tous ornament of white pearls on its rods.Check out the Tous STO353 sunglasses at