Nauru Animals and Plants

By | June 20, 2021

Animals and Plants

What is living there on Nauru?

There are almost no larger animals on Nauru, a country in Oceania defined by indexdotcom. Insects and seabirds such as the banded frigate are among the animal species that can be discovered there. By the way, frigate birds are under special protection and are mainly used for fishing on Nauru. They can orient themselves very well and convey messages like pigeons. Incidentally, the frigate bird steals food from other birds. He’s probably way too lazy to go looking for food himself. The frigate bird plunges down from the air and snatches the fish prey directly from the beak of small birds.

Another species of bird, the Nauru reed warbler, can only be found on Nauru. Then there are pets that humans have introduced, such as cats, dogs or pigs. At low tide you can see many marine animals on the coast that the water has left behind, such as sea urchins, mollusks and crabs. There is a diverse underwater world in the sea.

What is growing there on Nauru?

Coconut palms, ficus and hibiscus grow on Nauru. There used to be even cherry and almond trees here, but these were all cut down. Especially the areas where phosphate was mined are reminiscent of deserts.

Typical Nauru

80 out of 100 male residents of Naurus are very overweight, which is also called obese. The fattest people in the world live on Nauru, a sad record. But people don’t get fat for fun. The residents of Naurus adopted our often unhealthy way of eating and at the same time gave up their own, often healthy habits. So they no longer eat the traditional food of the island, but fast food and junk food, food with far too much sugar and fat (see also food).

Diabetes is often a consequence of being fat

Most people in the world on Nauru live with the disease diabetes, also known as “diabetes”. This disease is also widespread in our western regions. In addition to a hereditary predisposition, eating too much sugar is one of the main causes of this disease. If left untreated, it has dire consequences and in the worst case leads to the death of the patient.

What do the Nauru people do against obesity?

Every Wednesday evening, the Nauru government calls on its people to exercise. How does that look? Some residents of Naurus walk across the runway of the airfield, which is also the running route. Movement is really necessary. According to the World Health Organization, 50 out of 100 people do not exercise at all. But by now it has been recognized how important it is to do something about it.

Nauru Animals

Eating in Nauru

The food is too unhealthy – there are (almost) no vegetables on Nauru

You can also get breakfast from the Chinese. Yeast rolls are also part of it. In the past there was often rice.

There is almost no traditional food left

Traditional South Sea food has almost completely disappeared on Nauru. Coconut, pandanus and the popular breadfruit are almost no longer on the residents’ menu. Our western food took the place of the healthier diet. That’s not all bad, but unfortunately on Nauru you only eat the unhealthy and packaged food that is delivered there.

There is only one large supermarket on Nauru for all residents. There are also smaller shops, which are often almost empty because there is nothing to buy.

A supermarket for 10,000 people?

Corned beef is popular. What is that supposed to be? This is beef that has been packed in cans. Prices are high for imported goods. A package of milk powder costs the equivalent of 5 euros and a worker on Nauru has to work three hours for this.

Above all there is long-life food, canned food and a lot of frozen food. Fresh vegetables: none. There are (almost) no own vegetables grown on the island. However, there are some tentative attempts on the part of ecologically conscious people to fill up the broken soil in Naurus with healthy soil and to let the first little plants sprout. We do not yet know how this will develop in the future.