Netherlands General Information

By | February 15, 2022

The country of freedom and flowers Рthe Netherlands Рpleases tourists all year round. Whatever time of the year you decide to visit it, in any case, you will have something to see and something to be inspired by. In general, the Netherlands covers only 42,000 sq. km., but this small land can rightfully be proud of its rich cultural heritage, numerous traditions and rich modern life. According to, Hague is the capital of Netherlands.

The Netherlands is world famous for its cheeses, wooden shoes, colorful tulips and windmills. These attributes will accompany you throughout your stay in the territory of this country.

By the way, bus and air tours to the Netherlands have recently become very popular, as varied recreation and beautiful landscapes are quite a pleasant combination. A special passion for the capital of the Netherlands is fed by young people, who come every year more and more. The most visited cities in the Netherlands are cozy Rotterdam, artistic Leiden, slightly old-fashioned The Hague, exquisite Delft, ancient Utrecht and, of course, unique Amsterdam. Such an abundance of tourist places makes it possible to organize special tours to Holland, or include a couple of them in typical excursion tours around Europe. Hundreds of interesting museums that tell about history or simply cheer you up will help you spend your time properly.

Another notable point on the map for anyone traveling around the Netherlands will be Kukenhov Park, which is available to tourists in the spring, when hectares of land are covered with elegant flower beds and sculptures.

In any case, even the most demanding tourist will like this country.

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