Nevada – Silver State

By | July 5, 2022

Rich in mineral resources and nature

The US state of Nevada is located in the western United States. Most of Nevada is within the Great Basin, an arid desert plain to the east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Nevada is assigned to the western states of the USA.

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Nevada State Capitol – Carson City


Nevada State Capitol - Carson City

The capital of the quite large state of Nevada is Carson City. Nevada is nicknamed the “Silver State”. Farming is usually not worthwhile in the mountainous US state with little rainfall. The Rocky Mountains adjoin the large desert basin to the east.

Farming in the Silver State

The highest mountain in Nevada is Boundary Peak at 4,005 meters. The natural resources of the state of Nevada are silver, mercury and gold. Tourism, mining and agriculture are the strongest economic factors in Nevada. The man-made Hoover Dam is located on the Nevada- Arizona border. The Colorado River was dammed there. The Great Basin National Park is located in Nevada.

Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is located in Nevada’s oldest state park, Valley of Fire State Park. The metropolis of Las Vegas is located about 75 kilometers southwest of the Valley of Fire. The strong red rocks and rock formations in the protected area are impressive. The vegetation in the Valley of Fire consists predominantly of low-growing shrubs and cacti.

Elephant Rock in the Valley of Fire – Nevada

In protected regions there are smaller forest areas. The animal world is adapted accordingly. The climate in the Valley of Fire is extreme. In summer it gets incredibly hot – in winter it can get cold to below minus 20°C. The Native Americans also mainly used the Valley of Fire as a hunting ground.

Gambler’s paradise and former atomic bomb test site

In general, Nevada has a desert-like climate. The days are very hot, especially in summer, while the nights are icy cold to frosty. There is a large restricted military area in the Nevada desert. Formerly used for atomic bomb tests, new high-tech military equipment is now being tested there. Gambling is legal in Nevada. Las Vegas is a gambler’s paradise in the Nevada desert. The water for the desert city of Las Vegas is channeled from the mountains to the gambler’s paradise.

Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas – Nevada

Nevada can be described as predominantly dry country with many rocks. The highlight in Nevada is the gambling city of Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam and reservoir is a popular recreational area.

Burning Man

The ” Burning Man Festival ” takes place regularly in the Nevada desert. The eight-day festival is to be understood as an art and music party. in the course of which huge straw dolls are set on fire, which brightly illuminate the desert. There are a few “ghost towns” in the hostile Nevada desert.

National Park in Nevada

  • Great Basin

Cities in Nevada

  • Las Vegas
  • Henderson
  • Reno
  • North Las Vegas
  • Sparks

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Nevada Ski Region

In contrast to the desert regions in Nevada, winter sports are very well possible in the mountainous regions of Nevada.

Landmarks in Nevada

  • Las Vegas
  • rollercoaster
  • Little Church of the West
  • Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
  • Motor Speedway Las Vegas
  • Fremont Street
  • adventuredome
  • Hoover Dam (Colorado River)
  • Red Rock Canyon
  • National Automobile Museum Reno
  • Animal Ark Reno
  • Henderson Birg Viewing Preserve
  • River Mountain Loop Trail
  • Nevada State Museum
  • Desert Hill
  • Boulder Creek
  • Valley of Fire
  • Wolf Creek

Map of Nevada – United States

The map of Nevada, in the western United States, on the Sierra Nevada. The map shows the neighboring states, the largest cities, the most important road connections, the lakes and rivers in the American state. Unfortunately, the mountainous character of the country cannot be seen. The few large cities in Nevada are mostly in the flatter regions of the country. The area of ​​Nevada is 286,351 km². Approximately 3 million people live in Nevada as of 2019. The capital of Nevada is Carson City.

Valley of Fire in Nevada – United States

Landscapes colored red

The Valley of Fire is located northwest of Lake Mead in the US state of Nevada. The gambling paradise of Las Vegas is located about 80 kilometers southwest of the Valley of Fire. The valley in Nevada is characterized by extremely red-colored sandstone formations that shine like fire cast in stone, especially in the best light. The landscape in the valley is semi-desert-like.

Landscape in Valley of Fire State Park

Extreme climate in the Valley of Fire

In addition to the red sandstone formations, there are other rock formations made of limestone, slate and mixed rock components. Rain is rare in the Valley of Fire. In summer it can get very hot in the “Valley of Fire”, while the nights get very cold.

The country is characterized by low bushes and cacti. In spring there are small seas of desert marigold blossoms to be discovered here and there in the valley. Animal communities in the Valley of Fire are mostly nocturnal. As a special feature, rare desert tortoises live in the sanctuary.

Highway through the Valley of Fire in Nevada

Not made for humans, but beautiful

The Native Americans used the dry valley primarily as a hunting ground. Prehistoric rock carvings have been discovered at several locations in the Valley of Fire. The size of the area is about 35,000 hectares. A highway runs through the middle of the valley to connect the eastern and western access roads. There is a lot to see and discover along the road. Hollywood has often used the spectacular landscapes as a film backdrop.