Oregon, the Beaver State

By | July 5, 2022

Forested, mountainous country on the northwest coast

The US state of Oregon is located in the Northwest of the USA on the Pacific Ocean and is one of the western states of the country. The state of Oregon is nicknamed “Beaver State”. In earlier times, the lumber industry was the strongest industry in Oregon. Today, Oregon is home to numerous technology companies that determine economic life. The capital of Oregon is Salem; the largest city in the state is clearly Portland with more than 650,000 residents in 2020. See Countryaah for more cities in the state of Oregon.

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Oregon State Capitol with the Gold Lumberjack Oregon Pioneer in Salem


Oregon State Capitol with the Gold Lumberjack Oregon Pioneer in Salem

Overall, the state of Oregon is not particularly densely populated. Before the arrival of the “whites” numerous peoples of the “Native Americans” lived in the region of today’s Oregon, on the west coast of the USA. In Oregon there is Crater Lake National Park to discover.

Greater Portland

The economic heart of Oregon is in and around the city of Portland. Portland, which appears extremely green, has a rich cultural offering to offer. The metropolitan area of ​​Portland, Oregon offers mountains, rivers and vineyards as recreational areas outside of the city. As a result, city dwellers can enjoy Oregon’s natural beauty just a few minutes’ drive outside of the city. Kayaking is very popular in the region.

Mount Hood in Oregon framed by a picturesque landscape

Mount Hood and Columbia River Goge

The region on Mount Hood and the banks of the Columbia River and the rock gorge ” Columbia River Goge ” can be described as extremely picturesque and impressive. There are many small towns to discover here. In addition to the mountainous landscape, water plays a major role in the region. On Mount Hood there are huge and very well visited ski areas. The region around Mount Hood is ideal for agriculture and fruit growing. The city of Portland on the northern border is characterized by numerous parks and green oases and is home to a very lively and diverse cultural scene. Portland is described by the residents themselves as a very livable city.

The Oregon Coast / The Coast

Oregon’s Pacific coastline is over 400 miles long. The Pacific can only be used to a very limited extent there for swimming; the water is quite cold due to the northern location. In the waters off Oregon and along the coast there is a very valuable flora and fauna. Dunes, rocky landscapes, evergreen forests close to the coast, endless sandy beaches and secluded, sheltered bays alternate along the coast.

Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Pacific Ocean in Oregon

There are also numerous small towns and communities to discover along the coast. The menu there is dominated by seafood; this should not be missed. Again and again, the visitor encounters beautiful vantage points along the coast and impressive lighthouses. The coastal region is well suited for leisure activities, as the climate can be described as very mild.

Southern Oregon / Southern Oregon

Portions of Crater Lake National Park are located in southern Oregon. The city of Ashland is also known for its cultural life. The ” Oregon Shakespeare Festival ” is held there. Ashland is also known for the chocolate “Ashland Chocolate”. The fine restaurants in southern Oregon offer regional specialties such as cheese and other dairy products, healthy meats, and the region’s fine wine. There are many museums, theaters and galleries to explore in Southern Oregon. Further, southern, picturesque Oregon is a popular recreational region. Skiing is popular in winter. The rest of the year golf, rafting on the rivers, fishing, hiking and biking all feature in Southern Oregon.

Central Oregon / Central Oregon

Central Oregon is characterized by a mountain cascade chain of volcanic origin, which, coming from Canada, only merges into the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern California. The volcanic mountains in Oregon offer impressive landscapes with snow-capped mountain peaks, deep canyons and mostly crystal-clear lakes and wild, roaring waterfalls. The Crater Lakein the national park of the same name, which extends to southern Oregon, a former volcanic caldera fills. The deep blue Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. Central Oregon is known for its great recreational opportunities and above-average number of sunny days. In addition to skiing in the mountains (Mount Bachelor), climbing, hiking and golfing are very popular. Many fishing enthusiasts find fulfillment in fly fishing on one of the many rivers. Climbing fans test their skills at “Smith Rock”. Central Oregon also has a lot to offer when it comes to food and culture.

Eastern Oregon / Eastern Oregon

The eastern region of Oregon is characterized by mountains with white crests, an undulating hilly landscape, numerous watercourses but also desert-like areas. Near the community of “John Day” are the Painted Hills. The impressive Steens Mountains are also located in eastern Oregon.

Unreal and mesmerizing – the glowing Painted Hills in Oregon

Hells Canyon is breathtakingly deep; it is the deepest canyon in northern America. The famous Native American chief ” Chief Joseph ” made his home in this region of the United States. The famous Oregon Trail runs through eastern Oregon. In addition to skiing in winter, mountain biking is very popular there. Wild streams and rivers are ideal for daring boat trips. Landmarks in Oregon. The treasure of Oregon is the wonderful nature, the deeper, green forests and imposing mountains. But the country’s cities also have a lot to offer in terms of culture, attractions and leisure activities.

Willamette Valley – center of agriculture

Oregon’s agricultural heart beats in the Willamette Valley. From spring through to late summer, numerous farmers’ markets take place in the historically old towns. Many traders also simply offer their goods on the side of the road. The Willamette Valley is particularly popular with hikers and cyclists. The towns of Corvallis and Eugene are known as ” college towns “. Within the Willamette Valley is Oregon Wine Country. Excellent wines are produced there.

Streets of Oregon

Oregon is rife with scenic byways. These mostly lonely side roads lead the visitor along the country’s sights and panoramas that can be seen and admired from the car.

Scenic regions in Oregon

  • The Oregon Coast / The Coast
  • Portland – economic and cultural center
  • Region on Mount Hood and Columbia River Goge
  • Southern Oregon / Southern Oregon
  • Eastern Oregon / Eastern Oregon
  • Central Oregon / Central Oregon
  • Willamette Valley – agricultural center of Oregon

Landmarks in Oregon

  • Haystack Rock
  • Bonneville Dam
  • Portland Art Museum
  • Timberline Lodge
  • Mount Hood
  • Ecola State Park
  • Oregon Dunes Recreation Area
  • Jeld-Wen Field
  • Columbia River Gorge
  • Forest Park Portland
  • Washington Park Portland
  • Oneonta Gorge
  • Willamette Valley
  • Canon Neach
  • White Salmon River
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium
  • Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum
  • Lava Lands
  • Sparks Lake
  • Hosmer Lake
  • Yaquinq Bay Bridge

National Monuments

  • Cascade Siskiyou National Monument
  • Oregon Caves National Monument

National Park in Oregon

  • Crater Lake National Park

Map of Oregon – USA

Oregon USA map. Oregon is part of the western states, the country is located on the north west coast of the USA. The map shows the neighboring countries, the country’s largest cities, the country’s rivers and lakes, as well as the course of the highways and the most important transport links. Oregon has an area of ​​254,805 km², making it the ninth largest area state in the United States. Salem is the capital of the US state. Approximately 4.2 million people live in Oregon as of 2019.