Personalize Your Wall Clock With The Originality Of The Wool

What a fantastic idea! I bring you a very original and very simple way of personalizing your wall clocks , and probably without spending more than five euros.

Normally, these watches are usually finished off the edge by a metal or metallic appearance, certainly a bit rough, which to incorporate in a kitchen or a more formal office does not come at all bad, but if the clock is going to end up hanging On the wall of our room we would surely like to give it a more beautiful and striking color than that silver plumb bob. Especially because over time it is oxidizing and can be very unsightly.

Personalize Your Wall Clock With The Originality Of The Wool 1

Possibilities: we can remove that frame, but we risk breaking the main structure of the clock; We can also paint the frame of the color we want, but the paint is difficult to fit well with the surface of the metal and we are not convinced the final result… The best solution is offered by Retrobaby Design, or at least this is the blog Where I have been able to rescue this magnificent idea.

It is a matter of knitting with different colored wool a kind of knit sleeve and then placing it on the metallic edge of the watch, so that we will hide perfectly that grayish color – or the color that has initially-and we will endow it with this kind of Such beautiful rainbows. A completely personalized and lively watch, with the detail of the fabric is very original, in the style of Urban Knitting.

Personalize Your Wall Clock With The Originality Of The Wool 2

It is a great idea whether you want to renew the color and appearance of your wall clock, or to conceal possible deformities at the edge, scratches or dents. Dressing a watch in this way only requires a little skill or knitting experience, and although it may not be your case, surely your mothers or grandmothers do know a lot about this decaying art. We will only need to buy several wool with the colors that we want to combine and get to work.

We do not need to follow the same example that you see in this image, it is best to analyze the room where the clock will be and place the colors that harmonize well with the rest of the decoration.

Personalize Your Wall Clock With The Originality Of The Wool 3

The best part of all this is that this idea can be applied with many other everyday elements of the home to customize and renew their appearance. I already leave it to your imagination. Weaving has been said!