Primark Limited Edition, Do You Lo Are Going to Lose?

I like the! Editions limited! And more if you come from the hand of one of the more low-cost of the moment. Primark This week launches a limited edition consisting of five pieces of between €17 y €21. What more can you ask? I love this firm since the design/quality/price ratio is the best that there is today. We know that they are clothes for one or two seasons, so why pay so much for something that we will actually get a couple of seasons?

The turn star (and my favorite, of course) is none other than this dress baby doll v-neck baby in metallic. Real cute and more knowing its price: €21. It is black, with details on the sleeves and neck. The ideal garment for the new year’s Eve night: a few good heels and a clutch, you’ll be the Queen of the night. But not only I stay with this dress, I’ll stick with everything! and it is that, who can resist to this signature?

Parts are available from Today, Monday December 13 and you will only find them in the shops of Madrid (Full moon) and Bilbao (Ballonti). Who are other cities only sigh by them or ask someone to buy them us is us. And is that as its name indicates they will be in store a limited time. This collection highlights by the flyers, in chiffon fabric and the metallic colours. This color we find this blouse, the most ideal to wear with jeans or leggings in black.

This one is the same as the previous, but in color nude with thousands of metallic dots. One version more romantic and less hot than the previous. There is something for everyone. Both tops are on sale for € 17, do you feel?

But if you’re more of dresses, Primark bet by the Little Black Dress (LBD) and presents this perfect version for colder nights. Mini dress in long sleeves and ruffled shoulders. A very simple version at the same time that chic.

And to finish this shirt dress nuclear white. It has details on the neck, sleeves as well as the chest. Ideal for use with thick tights, skinny jeans or leggings. You send!

As I’ve said previously goes on sale today and will be available for a short time, so don’t think you most and you will of the lucky ones to have a garment limited at the best price. ¡Good luck in your search!