Puerto Rico Country Information

By | September 29, 2021

“Puerto Rico” is Spanish and means something like”rich port”.

Location – general

The island of Puerto Rico covers an area of ​​almost 9,000 square kilometers.

Time zone

The time difference between Germany and Puerto Rico is -4 hours.


The island state consists of the main island of Puerto Rico itself and the secondary islands of Vieques, Culebra, Culebrita, Desecheo, Palomino, Mona, Caja de Muertos and Monito. Puerto Rico is the smallest island in the Greater Antilles and is surrounded by Hispaniola to the west, the Virgin Islands to the east and South America to the south.

Flora and fauna

The island’s wildlife is rich in endemic species; the bat is the only native mammal on the island. All others, such as cats or domestic goats, were introduced by humans over the years. The most notable guest of Puerto Rico’s fauna is the little frog Coqui.
The island is home to almost 350 different species of birds, including the hummingbirds or sugar birds.


In addition to fishing, Puerto Rico’s economy thrives on the cultivation of agricultural products such as sugar cane, coffee and bananas. However, the island is known for the production of the world-famous rum “Bacardi” and as a popular vacation spot in the Caribbean, especially for Americans. Visit weddinginfashion for Economy of Caribbean.


Puerto Rico has a population of around 3.7 million, of whom, despite belonging to the USA, only 10% would actually call themselves citizens of the USA. Most see themselves as descendants of African slaves or of Spaniards.


The majority of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, with only about half practicing the faith.


Over 93% of Puerto Rico’s residents speak Spanish as their mother tongue, but English is also an official language.

Food and drink

Traditional Puerto Rican dishes are mostly influenced by Creole, Spanish and Indian influences. Mostly exotic fruits or marine animals, mussels, etc. are prepared.
In the home of Pina Colada and Bacardi Rum, tasty drinks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic alike – are part of a successful meal.

Money / currency

In Puerto Rico, US dollars are used to pay.


To enter Puerto Rico, travelers need a passport that is valid for at least the duration of their stay. No visa is required for stays of less than 90 days.

Medical advice

Current information on vaccinations can be obtained from your family doctor or on the website of the Center for Travel Medicine (CRM). However, it is advisable to take out health insurance abroad with repatriation.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cities and Places in Puerto Rico

San Juan

The main and largest city on the island is located on the northern coast. There are numerous interesting museums and restored colonial buildings there. Old San Juan in Puerto was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983.

El Yunke rainforest area

The 113 square kilometer national park attracts with its species-rich flora and fauna and is home to various trees, ferns and orchids, waterfalls, colorful parrots and small frogs.

Puerto Rico Country Information