Samoa Economy


What is grown in Samoa?

Samoa has no mineral resources, so other sources of income have to support the economy: Most of the people in Samoa work in agriculture and in the timber industry. Copra, taro, yams, cocoa and coffee, fish, beer and above all wood are the goods that Samoa exports.

Fishing in Samoa is also very important. Many people grow products that they live on, primarily sweet potatoes, breadfruits, corn and legumes. Animal husbandry is limited to pigs and poultry.

The services sector is particularly important for the gross domestic product (GDP). This is where most of the money is made, even if the people mostly work in agriculture and fishing. Their share in GDP is, however, small.

Work in industry

There’s a bit of industry too. This mostly processes the food that has been harvested. Clothing is also produced. A Japanese car company offered jobs to many people, but production probably stopped some time ago.

The problem is that many people migrate abroad, so that in the end there is a lack of local specialists. And if there are no skilled workers, the companies do not invest in setting up new locations. Most of the trade Samoa does with Australia and New Zealand, a country in Oceania defined by ehotelat, but also with the American part of Samoa. Then there are China and the USA. In the capital Apia there is a port and also an international airport.

The aid comes from abroad

The Samoans who live abroad make a large contribution to the country’s economic performance. There are also aid organizations that bring money into the country. Without this money, the country could not survive.

Tourism is growing

Tourism is a growing industry. The number of people who visit the two large and the many smaller islands each year is growing. The natural disasters that plague the islands time and again are a problem for the country. Especially the hurricanes, which are called ” cyclones ” in the South Pacific, cause destruction again and again.

Samoa Economy