Samsung Gear Fit, The Smart Watch for Sportsmen

The company Samsung is one of the companies that are betting on smart watches. With products like the Samsung Gear 2, which we have already analyzed, we verified that the Korean company knows what it does and is trying to integrate its different product ranges in the Galaxy family.

In this Samsung Gear Fit , the Asian giant wanted to integrate smart watches with quantifier bracelets, also called SmartBand (smart bracelets). It has been tried to combine in this device the technology of a smart watch as the functions of the bracelets with activity controls for athletes or people who engage in physical activity. But the result is perhaps in the middle of everything … nor does it become a great smart watch (for that we have the Samsung Gear 2), nor an optimal sportsband (Smartband).Anyway, the Gear Fit has enough functions that can be useful, or that simply make you get out of the way.

Gear Fit is the perfect smart bracelet for lovers of technology and sport that allows you to be always connected while helping you get in shape thanks to your heart rate monitor and personal trainer.

Samsung Gear Fit Features

The first thing that strikes you is its screen, a Curve Super Amoled 1.84 “screen about 47 mm. Dust and water resistant screen that can adjust the brightness for better indoor and outdoor viewing (although the brightness adjustment system is still improving).

If you do not like your belt, no problem, you can change it by the different models offered by Samsung (including the model that has made the Tous brand). The watch is quite comfortable and is intended to be worn all day, and above all it is designed for physical activities. With an easy click we can remove or put this lightweight smart watch .

The Gear Fit in addition to carrying integrated heart rate monitor , also hasHR, Accelerometer and Gyroscope . With all these components we will have information to make it easier for Samsung’s S Health application (an application similar to Runtastic), which has the function of “personal trainer”.

Samsung has opted for its own operating system for most of its Smartwatch, the so-called Tizen, which has the most devices in the Gear range. But in this case Gear Fit does not have Tizen, but is an own operating system exclusive to this model. With this, they pretend that this device has a duration of between 3 or 4 days of battery. The negative, the difficult possibility for developers to make applications for this wristwatch.

The Improvement Of This Smart Watch Model.

Although Gear Fit has all the components in hardware, to be a great activity meter, the model does not meet 100% with expectations. The pedometer has a variation in accuracy of between 10% and 15% with reality. The data of the pulsometers are not as accurate as we want. It also has the functionality of measuring sleep, although it has some drawbacks such as having to run it every night before going to sleep (it should be self-running).As an exercise gauge for a professional is not recommended, although Samsung is still working to improve these “difficulties”.

… And That Brings Us The Gear Fit.

This Samsung model promised much more in its presentation, but it has stayed in a I want and I can not. It has to be said in your benefit that there are many fields that you want to embrace and that there are in the market sports wristbands that give worse data than the Gear Fit, but that may not be an excuse for a company like Samsung.

As a smart clock it fulfills its functions: We can receive mails, notifications of applications (facebook, twitter, …), and manage with the application Gear Fit Manager different aspects of the clock. We can also control the music player from the clock and some more things that will surprise you. The battery life is also quite good as it can get to be 4 or 5 days without the need to recharge.

Disadvantages of Gear Fit.

  1. Inaccurate datato be an activity meter.
  2. Narrow screen to see the notifications (possibility to see the notifications in horizontal or vertical).
  3. Incompatibility to synchronize with some phones.
  4. We prefer Android Wearto Samsung’s operating system (Tizen).
  5. Advantages of Gear Fit.
  1. It fulfills the functions of a smart watch.
  2. Samsung is striving to improve its S Health
  3. Thebattery life.
  4. Modellight and comfortable.
  5. The priceis one of the smart watches with best price on the market.
  6. There are apk tocompatibilize the Gear Fit with other models of phones other than Samsung.

The Gear Fit is a smart watch recommended for those who want to have a 2×1, but without demands. Is Smartband better ?, Well yes… But they are not Smartwatchs . Also the price when it came to the market this Gear Fit hovered € 199.00, Samsung knowing that he should compete in the markethas lowered the price and we can find Gear Fit for a very competitive price on Amazon for € 95.00 with link of