Security in Mexico

By | August 18, 2022

According to, Mexico is definitely not one of the safest travel destinations , but don’t let that put you off. Because in many travel guides and reports about Mexico, something is usually exaggerated.

Still, you should be careful all the time . Robberies, street threats and violent crime are much more common in Mexico than in Europe.

You should be particularly careful in big cities and in non-touristy places. In popular vacation spots like Playa del Carmen or Puerto Escondido , however, it is quite safe.

Here we give you a short guide so that you can enjoy your Mexico vacation as safely as possible and without a robbery:

  1. Match the appearance and clothing style of the locals as much as possible and leave your valuables at home: The standard of living in Mexico is lower than in Germany, which is why people usually dress simply and casually. Pretty much like we would go to the beach. So that you don’t immediately attract attention as a “rich German”, it’s best to leave branded clothes and watches at home.
  2. Always take a taxi at night and don’t go into deserted streets during the day – especially not alone. To avoid a robbery, don’t take chances. So stay in busy areas and don’t wander alone into unfamiliar areas.
  3. Carry your valuables out of sight of others and always close to you. A mobile phone in your backpack or in the back pocket can be stolen quickly. We recommend a fanny pack. You should carry backpacks in front of crowded streets and trams – not on your back.
  4. Only pick up your phone and wallet when it’s really necessary. If a potential thief sees a cell phone, they are more likely to threaten you or snatch it from your hand. Don’t send long voice memos when you’re on the open road, but only use your cell phone to, for example, look for directions or take a picture.
  5. Never leave your bags unattended anywhere – even if the place seems safe. Especially in public transport and on the beach.
  6. If you’re traveling to a new place, ask your taxi driver or the receptionist at your accommodation how safe it is and which corners to avoid.
  7. Take an old second cell phone with you, always leave an ID document and your EC card in your accommodation. If you are mugged – unfortunately this cannot be ruled out – and your valuables are stolen, you still have sufficient documents and means of payment on site.

In short, don’t victimize yourself. If you follow these tips and travel Mexico with common sense and open eyes, you don’t have to worry too much.

Arrival information

What’s the best way to get to Mexico? Guessed correctly! Of course by plane.

There are direct flights from Frankfurt to Cancún or Mexico City. These are the two busiest airports in Mexico.

You can find cheaper connections with a stopover not only from Frankfurt, but also from other German cities.

Locomotion in Mexico

Mexico is almost six times the size of Germany , so distances from place to place are significantly greater.

As such, domestic flights in Mexico are a popular mode of transportation to get from one side of the country to the other. Traveling by plane is the fastest way to get around in Mexico

If you don’t want to take the plane, you can either rent a car and travel around the country with it, or you can take the bus. Trains are rather unusual in Mexico.

The exception is the Tequila Express (what a cool name!). This runs from Guadalajara to the liquor town of Tequila.

Otherwise long-distance buses are the cheapest means of transport in Mexico. The route network is very well developed. The disadvantage is that the journeys often take a long time.

Even within the cities , you can usually get around easily by bus. Alternatively, you can also take a taxi, which is usually relatively cheap in Mexico.


What language do they speak in Mexico?

The official language in Mexico is Spanish. Some indigenous peoples speak their own indigenous language.

Overall, you don’t really get by very well with English in Mexico. In the tourist places, slightly more people can speak English than in the rest of the country. However, we recommend that you learn a little Spanish before your trip.

How do you pay in Mexico?

The currency in Mexico is the Mexican Peso.

One euro is about 21 pesos.

In most places you can pay with a credit card , but sometimes only with cash .

We recommend that you always have your credit card and some cash (but not too much) with you. However, leave your EC card in your accommodation.

Is Mexico expensive?

Overall, Mexico is significantly cheaper than Germany.

You can get a double room in a good hotel (although the standards in Mexico are slightly lower than in Germany) for less than 50 euros.

However , prices – including for restaurants and catering – vary from place to place . In tourist places everything is significantly more expensive than in the rest of the country.

How safe is it to travel to Mexico?

Mexico is one of the more dangerous travel countries .

However, if you avoid criminal places and lonely areas, you can travel wonderfully in Mexico.

In our Safety section , we give you useful tips for your safety in Mexico.

How is the climate in Mexico?

Mexico has a dry season (November to April) and a rainy season (May to October).

It is warm in most places all year round and it does not rain that much in the rainy season. So you can have a good holiday in Mexico even in the rainy season.

The south of Mexico has a tropical climate.

In higher areas , the climate is generally milder. Here you should also take warmer clothes with you.

In the north of Mexico it gets very hot, especially in summer. The climate here is mostly desert.

When is the best time to travel to Mexico?

Overall, the climate in the country varies from region to region.

Overall, the dry months from November to April are a popular travel time, as there is a lot of sun and it hardly ever rains. But it is much fuller at this time.

We recommend traveling to Mexico during the rainy season from May to October as there are fewer tourists and prices are lower.

Most of the time the weather is nice even in these months and it is not that hot . We find it very pleasant when it rains from time to time.