Selection Shirts Man: The Guide To Purchase From 24 Euros

As promised recently, some buying guides will arrive to allow you to see more clearly in the offer of men’s fashion.

The idea is obviously not to make a list with an image and a link by brand. My goal is mostly that you are able to identify each brand and its own characteristics.
Here is a succinct selection of 13 brands, with a synthetic description that will be completed as the tests on the blog.

Some additions are still to be expected (like Luxire in particular).

(The shirt in title image is a M.Studio, it is besides with this mark that you can find models to 24 euros in outlet).

Brands Below 75 Euros


We had already talked a little about M.Studio, which has the advantage of being the brand of Menlook (even if the e-shop avoids to make the association): previously called Menlook Label, it benefits from a very Big expertise on sourcing, allowed by previous seasons. We have beautiful materials, finishes (but not extraordinary at this price necessarily) and a standardized cut that will suit most morphologies.

With the size of a structure like the Menlook group, one also benefits from the volume effects that contribute to this quality / price ratio.

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“Well Dress Without Efforts”

The answers to the 5 biggest problems of the beginners, coming from my 5 years of experience.

We had tested Mr.Studio here.

The most: A wide range of models available, and frequent discounts that allow you to have them very often at less than 40 euros. Perfect for beginners.

The least: A basic cut (but that suits me well, despite my 59 kg for 1m74) and clean finishes, but standardized (do not expect sartorial finishing at this price)

Available here (affiliate link)

8 Man

8 is a little equivalent to M.Studio, but this time managed by Yoox, e-commerce de destocking. This is also an enormous structure (which was merged last year with NET A PORTER) and allows to take advantage of quality materials at ultra-reasonable prices.

Yoox is located in Italy, so everything here is also manufactured in Italy. A test should soon happen.

Plus: A good alternative to the M.Studio shirts with a good choice and good value for less than 50 euros. (In addition to frequent reductions on Yoox).

The least: Finishes again very basic, and sometimes a little less choice than in M.Studio.

Available here (affiliate link)

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt offers a wide range that goes from formal non-iron shirts (whose fabric is on the other hand more fragile) to shirts more worked with marked textures.The range of ready-to-wear is also quite wide and of a value for money very correct.

Also eliminate the fantasy and casual patterns and stay in to the basics of formal: plain and simple vertical stripes.

Plus: Free shipping in France and a 4 shirts offer for less than 139 euros with a good choice.

The less: Unless you make a big size, go for the slim fit, or even extra slim fit

Available here (affiliate link)

Tm Lewin

TM Lewin is a direct competitor to Charles Tyrwhitt, who seems to be innovating a little more on non-iron shirts and wrinkle-free merino wool suits (to be tested though).
We also find the same bundles that allow you to have a shirt less than 40 euros: recent feedback on the popelines are on the other hand a little less good

The most: A non-iron offer that seems rather innovative, and a quality / price ratio equivalent to Charles Tyrwhitt.

The least: A fairly irregular quality on popelines sometimes too thin. Go for the oxford (and more fitted or super fitted in section).

Available here

First Channel

A new brand without intermediaries, distributed exclusively in line with a qualitative fabric and very neat finishes. Excellent for casual shirts with a slim fit, a high armhole and a hidden button-down collar that holds without problems with two open buttons.Amaury, the founder, relied on the demands of his half-size customers (on his otherBalmory site ) to develop a model that would suit the majority.

Attention however if you must spend the day at the office in full heat. The test is coming!

Plus: The collar that stands alone with the two open top buttons thanks to the discreet buttoning, neat finishes and quality materials.

The least: A very slim cut that will not necessarily fit everyone, also pay attention to stocks that leave quickly.

Available here


The Hast shirts have a slim cut (halfway between the slim cut and the straight cut) and now offer an extra-slim offer.
The semi-cutaway neck, the signature of the brand, is hyper-versatile in terms of context (but less in terms of morphology): with a tie and a big Windsor knot, it suits a formal context. Without and with one or even two open buttons, it will also be suitable for more casual occasions.
We also talked about titration: it is slightly lower here since we have 100/2. But we must put things in context, such a titration is already very respectable in itself, and is all the more impressive in these price brackets

Plus: Different cuts and especially special long sleeve models for the big ones who have difficulty finding a suitable size. A fairly impressive variety of fabrics.

The least: Most models have a semi-cutaway neck that will not necessarily go to everyone. (Especially if you have a long neck or a very elongated face)

Available here

Between 75 And 120 Euros

Office Artist

Since 2013, Olivier Cothenet, designer of the brand, offers a good compromise of formal and casual shirts with a high armhole but a more generous cut and with a little margin in the back so as not to leave comfort for long days in the office. They are also distinguished by original textures. We talk about it in detail about the test carried out last December.

Plus: Combining a good margin on the back and a high armhole is a good compromise to have a silhouette adjusted while remaining at ease. A lot of texture work

Least: This size pretty big (and the buttons are plastic). The trademark (the blue stripe on the wrists) removes some formality.

Available here

Oxence Paris

An incipient brand that has put the package on certain finishes that are normally not found in this price range (shift at the armhole, collar mounted hand) and with fabrics of excellent quality. The cut is also a good compromise and respects the silhouette while leaving a little fluency.

The test is here . (Note: despite the photos of me on the shop, I’m not affiliated with the brand).

The most: Very neat finishes for the price (collar mounted hand and shift at the armhole)

Least: Stocks still quite limited.

Available here


A brand that I have not yet had the opportunity to test, but the offer is very varied both in terms of fabrics and constructions (it is the only brand I know in this price range that proposes Of Pin Collar). The outlet category also makes good business and is rather well provided in terms of models as in terms of sizes.

The test is coming!

The most: Careful materials and a beautiful diversity of collars (including pine collar)

Least: Nothing to report (but I will eventually complete this part after the test)

Available here

Half Measure

Cotton Society

A brand that I have not yet been able to test but probably one of the best quality / price ratios half way below 100 euros: it is also the beautiful story of a successful migration of know-how in the workshops Of Shanghai from the founder Fabrice de Buhan. It was carried out in particular through the forum depiedencap via which Fabrice was able to meet an expert of the French craft shirt that allowed to bring all the mastery of making necessary for the Chinese workforce.
Online measurement has excellent feedback. Test to come.

What’s more: An ultra-affordable price and a garment supervised by industry pioneers.

The least: A manufacturing in China (qualitative) but suddenly longer delays. Test to come.

Available here


A concept of keys that contains all the measurement information is at the heart of the concept The Chemiser: it is very practical for orders or to be offered gifts. The measurement system is simple and allows to make some adjustments.
The value for money is perfectible on the other hand: we pay quite expensive for finishes and materials a little below the competition.

The test is here.

The most: A simple and successful measurement interface and a concept of practical keys.

Least: Materials and finishes slightly worse.

Available here

Swann & Oscar

For a budget of 150-160 euros, Swann & Oscar is probably the best choice to make in half measure with a manufacture in France, a catalog of more than 3000 fabrics and especially an offer of sartorial finishing (with for example Milanese shoulders) Not found elsewhere. Test to come!

The most: Advanced know-how and excellent finishes. Fabric sheets with an excellent presentation and information on titration and thickness visible at a glance.

Least: Prices that have increased a lot in recent years (it is still honest compared to standard luxury brands).

Available here


Saint-Sens is the half-size sign of Menlook, so we find a very good value for money in terms of fabrics, but pay attention to the name “cotton majority” which in fact means cotton blended with synthetic. The finishes are also well cared for

The most: Good value for money, especially with the offer of welcome to 59 euros (100% cotton)

The least: Sometimes approximations on the measurements (but the necessary retouches are offered on the first shirt), sometimes too fine fabrics. Attention to mixtures with synthetic (called “majority cotton”),