Sights of Cagliari, Italy

By | November 17, 2022

According to, Cagliari is the capital of the Italian island of Sardinia. The city is located to the south and borders the Gulf of Cagliari with its attractive harbor. In addition to an old and historic center, the city also has a fantastic sandy beach. Poetto Beach is clearly a favorite with the locals as well as the many tourists who visit the island of Sardinia.

Cagliari made the greatest growth after the unification of Italy in 1870. The new housing estates were built at a rapid pace and the once small town can now call itself a city. Besides the many historical sights, the city also has a nice nightlife, cozy restaurant and a bustling shopping area. You won’t be bored for a day, especially in and around the old town.

Top 10 things to do in Cagliari

#1. Castello Cagliari
The oldest part of the center of Cagliari is called Castello or quartiere di Cagliari. Cagliari is a derived name from ‘Casteddu’ which means castle. It is located at the top of a hill. In the medieval city you can still see city walls and sights such as cathedrals, the university and various museums. A walk through this area will undoubtedly provide many beautiful and nostalgic pictures.

#2. Torre di San Pancrazio
Cagliari’s highest tower is also the symbol of the city. The ‘Torre di San Pancrazio’ together with the ‘Torre dell’Elefante’ can be reached through the city gate Cristina and San Pancrazio. The tower was built during the early fourteenth century as a watchtower. You can still enjoy an amazing view from here over the city, the harbor and the Gulf of Cagliari.

#3. Duomo di Cagliari
The full name of this cathedral is: Cattedrale di Santa Maria e Santa Cecilia. As early as the thirteenth century, work was started on the city’s cathedral located on the Piazza Palazzo. The typical Romanesque and Baroque style can be admired from different sides. Various works of art can be admired on the inside, such as the mausoleum of Martin I and a triptych of Pope Clement VII.

#4. Anfiteatro Romano di Cagliari
Directly in the old center of the city is an ancient Roman amphitheatre. It is located against the southern part of the Buoncammino hill. The stands, built as early as the first and second centuries, are divided into three sections. Each part was attributed to a particular social class. Many a bloody feast has taken place here. At the time, people were particularly fond of fighting with alligators and other wild beasts.

#5. Museo Archeologic Nazionali
All kinds of highlights that have taken place in Sardinia are beautifully displayed here. The Archaeological Museum of Cagliari was founded in 1802 by Ludovico Baylle. What once started with various objects from donations has now grown into a full-fledged collection. You can find collections of coins, handmade objects, jewelry, statues, hats and other cultural objects. The museum is located in Piazza Arsenale.

#6. Orto Botanico dell’Universit√† di Cagliari
In the shadow of the university is the botanical garden of Cagliari. The over five hectare area is filled with Mediterranean plants, trees, medicinal plants and herbs and cacti. For a small fee you can relax in one of the shady spots of the park.

#7. Bastione di Saint Remy
This most important building of Cagliari is located in the old town of Castello. The arc de triomphe lends itself perfectly to a spectacular view over the city. Bastione di Saint Remy was built in the nineteenth century from the well-known limestone as you see it more in Italy. Via the terrace Umberto I you can visit the terrace Santa Caterina by means of some stairs. It is now very popular, also in the nightlife. You get the beautiful view as a gift.

#8. National Art Gallery
On the Piazza Arsenale you can visit a not too large museum with contemporary modern art. In addition, the ‘Pinacoteca Nazionale di Cagliari’ also has impressive religious works of art and beautiful sculptures. The museum is located in the complex of the Citadel of Museums.

#9. San Benedetto Municipal Market
This largest covered market in Italy is popular for its fresh produce. It has been a household name in the city of Cagliari since it opened in 1886. The market is open daily, except on Sundays, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. The moment the temperature really starts to rise, the market will come to an end. The ‘San Benedetto Municipal Marktet’ is located on Via Francesco Cocco Ortu in the center of town.

#10. Cavity of Via Vittorio Veneto
The underground caves on Via Vittorio Veneto are remnants of Roman times. The rooms have been used to store water, to shelter during the war or as temporary residences for people who have lost their home due to bombing. Other caves worth visiting are Grottoni dei Giardini Pubblici, and Garden of the Capuchins at Vica I Merello.

Cagliari, Italy