Sights of Tajikistan

By | April 12, 2022

According to ebizdir, Tajikistan offers conditions for a variety of tourism from cultural and historical to natural extreme. It will take a lot of time to see all the sights of the country, including ancient monuments, glaciers, mountains, nature reserves and much more. We will try to briefly talk about the most interesting and must-see places in Tajikistan. First of all, Tajikistan is known for its rich history and past; many cities have been preserved here, the age of which is worthy of admiration and respect. They are monuments of ancient architecture and art, they contain ancient monasteries, mosques, minarets, sculptures, libraries and much more. Among them are Kurgan-Tube, Penjiken, Khorog, Gissar, Ura-Tube, Khujand and the Childukhtaron Valley, which is the most mysterious and ancient place in the country. The mountains of Tajikistan are known for a large number of rock carvings – petroglyphs ranging in size from 6 to 80 centimeters. Their main subjects are everyday sketches with hunting scenes. The most ancient drawings date back to the second half of the 1st millennium BC. You can see petroglyphs in the most popular place for this – the area near the village of Ishkashim, as well as the Vybist-Dara area near Khorog. Many of the preserved petroglyphs are difficult to access and are located at an altitude of 3200-3300 meters above sea level. Of course, Tajikistan is a country for climbers, here are the most interesting mountain ranges of the Pamirs, including the peak of Ismail Samani, or Peak of Communism (7495 m), as well as the Fann Mountains and the wild Karavshin. Rock climbing and trekking are also popular among tourists. Tajikistan is full of unique natural wonders.

National cuisine of Tajikistan

The first thing any person associates Tajikistan with is plov. In this country, almost every housewife has her own favorite recipe for this dish. In total, more than 400 varieties of pilaf are prepared in Tajikistan. As a whole, hearty dishes with meat and rice are typical for local cuisine; lamb, goat meat and horse meat are most often used from meat. Among the popular dishes, it is also worth mentioning “kebabs” or “kabobs”: meat sausages, “shurba” – vegetable soup with lamb and “tushbera” dumplings. Along with meat, sour-milk drinks are loved in the cuisine of Tajikistan, most often dishes are washed down with sour milk with ayran. Most of the sweets are made in the tandoor, a local oven. In particular, sambusa pies, beloved by all, are baked in it. Sweets are most often consumed with hot green tea.


It is most convenient to travel between the cities of Tajikistan by buses and minibuses. Buses run between major cities, minibuses to less popular destinations. There is a small railway in the country, with its help you can go to Khujand from Dushanbe and from Kurgan-Tube, in both cases the path will pass through the Uzbek Termez. If desired, in cities, as well as on long-distance routes, you can use taxi services at a piece-rate price. There is also an air service in the country. There are airports in cities such as Khujand, Dushanbe and Khorog. Flights between them are operated by Tajikistan Airlines and Somoni Air, which often cancel flights due to bad weather, especially in winter.

Currency exchange in Tajikistan

It is convenient to import both euros and US dollars, as well as Russian rubles, for the same exchange in Tajikistan. You can exchange them for local currency (somoni) at the airport, at banks and exchange offices in major cities of the country. There are private “changers” in the country, but in most cases they try to deceive the client. Bank cards in Tajikistan are reluctantly accepted, and only in rare places in the central cities you will find ATMs. Cash is much more preferable here. The same applies to travelers checks, it will be extremely difficult to cash them here.

Sights of Tajikistan