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By | January 30, 2023

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia. Consisting of the island of Ceylon and small adjacent islands, it is located in the Indian Ocean and occupies an area of ​​65 610 km 2 . It is separated from the southwest coast of India by the Palk Strait. The main cities are Colombo, the capital, with 669 700 residents (2004), Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia (218 800 residents), Moratuwa (184 800 residents), Jaffna (172 300 residents) and Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (120 800 hab.).

The proximity to India facilitated cultural interaction between the two peoples. Due to being a crossing point for the Indian sea routes, this country was exposed to cultural influences from other Asian civilizations. Greek surveyors call it Taprobana and later other Europeans named it Ceylon. Officially, it became Sri Lanka in 1972.

It has a tropical monsoon climate with characteristics very close to the equatorial climate, especially in the southwest of the island of Ceylon. Here, rainfall records two annual highs, in May and October.

The economy is based on tea, textiles and tourism. Agriculture contributes about 1/4 of GDP; however, the country does not produce enough for its needs. Cereals, cotton, rubber and tea are produced. Tea is currently linked to the production of sachets, packages and even instant tea. Much of the industry was nationalized in 1971 and economic development has been subsidized by the International Monetary Fund.

The conflict with the Tamils ​​has directly or indirectly disrupted the country’s economy, with tourism being one of the most affected sectors. Sri Lanka’s main trading partners are the United States of America, Japan, India and the United Kingdom.

Environmental indicator: the value of carbon dioxide emissions, per capita (metric tons, 1999), is 0.5.

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Sri Lanka Banks