Welcome to the Empire State of New York

Green country with mega metropolis

The region of today’s New York State was initially a settlement area for the Dutch. In 1624, the Dutch founded Fort Orange in what is now Albany. They also founded the New Amsterdam settlement on what is now Manhattan Island.

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Welcome to the Empire State of New York


Welcome to the Empire State of New York

The English took over the region in the mid-17th century. They renamed the colony New York. New York is one of the Mid-Atlantic States. New York is also known as the “Empire State” and is one of the thirteen founding states of the USA.

The city that never sleeps

The mega-metropolis New York City on the Hudson River is known as the world’s leading economic and commercial center. New York City is the largest city in the United States and the fourth largest city in the world. New York City is one of the most important cultural centers in the western world. Away from the big cities, however, New York State is extremely rural and offers beautiful nature with forests, rivers, lakes and mountains.

Natural highlights of upstate New York

A world-famous highlight in New York State are the Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls), on the border between the USA and Canada. Another attraction is the “Grand Canyon of the East,” a deep, forested gorge in Letchworth State Park. The Finger Lakes in New York State are popular travel destinations. There are also numerous wineries to discover.

Statue of Liberty – New York

In northern New York State are the Adirondacks Mountains. In this mountainous region is the town of Lake Placid, which has twice hosted the Winter Olympics. In addition to skiing in winter, leisure activities such as horseback riding, hiking, fishing and cycling are very popular. There are numerous campsites in the US state of New York.

Relaxation for stressed New Yorkers

Many New York City residents flock to upstate New York for a weekend getaway from the city. A popular vacation destination for New Yorkers in the area is Long Island. Many inviting sandy beaches are available there. The sea in the region is relatively rich in fish, deep sea fishing is very popular.

Waterfall in Letchworth State Park

In the fall, the forests of New York State glow in various shades of yellow and red. The Indian Summer attracted many visitors to the Northeastern United States. Apart from the mega-metropolis New York City with its countless sights and a lot of culture, the state of New York offers beautiful natural landscapes in the hinterland.

Sights in the State of New York

  • Statue of Liberty
  • The Cloisters
  • Frick Collection
  • Thousand Islands
  • Brooklyn Museum
  • Mohomk Mountain House
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Finger Lakes
  • Chrysler Building
  • Adirondack Mountains
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Ellis Island
  • Niagara Falls
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Empire State Building
  • Boldt Castle
  • Long Island
  • Lake Mahopac
  • Chimney Bluffs
  • Letchworth State Park

Major Cities in New York State

  • Buffalo
  • New York City
  • Rochester
  • Yonkers
  • Syracuse
  • Albany

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Die elf Seen der “Finger Lakes”

  • Canadice Lake
  • Canandaigua Lake
  • Conesus Lake
  • Cayuga Lake
  • Hemlock Lake
  • Honeoye Lake
  • Keuka Lake
  • Otisco Lake
  • Owasco Lake
  • Seneca Lake
  • Skaneateles Lake

Abseits des “Big Apple”

Niagara Falls on the border with Canada is in New York State. The capital of New York State is Albany. About 19.3 million people live in New York State; in New York City alone, around 8.18 million people make their living from it. Other major cities in the country include Rochester, Buffalo and Yonkers.

Rich cultural offer

However, it is not just active leisure activities that play a major role in the “Empire State”, but also culture and tradition. Many museums and other cultural offerings are available for those interested. In New York City, the whole world comes together in one place. The cultural highlights of the metropolis include the “Museum of Modern Art” and the “Guggenheim Museum”.

National Monuments – State of N.Y.

  • African Burial Ground National Monument
  • Castle Clinton National Monument
  • Fort Stanwix National Monument
  • Govenors Island National Monument
  • Statue of Liberty National Monument und Ellis Island National Monument

Map of State of New York – USA

The map of State of New York in USA. Geographically, New York State is located slightly north on the Mid-Atlantic – East Coast – of the United States. The map shows the neighboring states, the country’s largest cities, the rivers and lakes in the US state, as well as the course of the highways and the most important transport connections. North of the state is neighboring Canada. The area of ​​State of New York is 141,299 km². Albany is the capital of the US state of New York, but by far the largest city in the state is New York City. Currently in 2019 about 19.54 million people live in the state of New York.