Street Style Has Lost Its Essence and Bloggers No Longer Show The Real Fashion… or Yes?

Over time the essence of street style is lost? It is a question that many of the editors of Jezebel We wonder at times, especially after the uproar that was the last time that Scott Schuman was present in Madrid: most of the people said to all the people who had chosen they had not been randomly, but everything was planned in advance. Personally I have no idea, because I was not there to present.

But what is certain is that the essence of street style blogs is no longer present: there are no photos of chicas walking down the street of unforeseen, everything is posed and almost always repeat the same faces. The question is, why?

The same goes for fashion blogs known as egobloggers. Where are these girls that they rose their daily look? Their posts are now super productions where the detail It has a very high importance. It is fine to work their perched (personally I appreciate it much) but sometimes her outfits are ridiculous. And that is noticeable in winter, would who is the beauty that leaves House with high heels and short skirt without stockings in the middle of the? Snowy Mountain?

I understand that photography can be very pretty but the purpose of this type of blogs is not the of? give us ideas for our day to day? So, you how they want that it inpire me with outfits as well?

This wanting to draw attention exceed all expectations, so that we must not wonder to see people with Sandals and feet in the air with an outfit of Winter 100%. The magazines are to blame for showing us publishers (sometimes) pointless) do you is a?? new art What do you still have not managed to understand?

And also goes in reverse, Thus in summer people go to the beach in … do heels? Not annoying, when one goes to sunbathe and to walk on the sand the best option is a flat sandal that it may become wet, is comfortable and easy to put (and remove).

I do not know what opinion you have you but I miss the fact of entering into a fashion blog and see that & #8230; Real people real fashion (and with real poses, not those that look like the girl will go to remove).