SuiteBlanco Christmas Collection: Look Requetemona!

They become the holidays and you have to start thinking about the outfit suitable for every moment: dinner, family meals, new year’s Eve party… in SuiteBlanco the proposals, as well as economic, are Rory. Black is the dominant tone, but there is room for other bets: dusty pink and gold are also part of our party look. Proposed going to love!

The semi-transparency become the most suggestive resource. Models of gauze that we see in tops and blouses, perfect to wear with skirts and pants, and dresses with cuts transparent. Perfect and feminine clothes for these occasions.

Most common and bringing their own holiday character, see sequins, tulle and rhinestones. Fully talladoss dresses with sequin and tulle skirts. Word of honor and low-cut backs designs also bring their most sensual touch.

Parts above with collars and details about Rhinestones, bodies with applications of glass and feathers and shoulder straps embroidered with beads.

According to Sportsqna, if you don’t like the gleam and the typical looks of parties, committed to the jacquard, one of the most sought after tissues of the season, serving to combine with other items which accompany or form part of some outfits such as jackets, pants and skirts.

As for supplements, include models envelope and clutches. Salons in red, the classic black and for the more bold Leopard print. and exuberant collars, the soul of the jewelry line.

My favorite look

I love the skirts of tulle and bulky, pure style Carrie. I confess that I love but I don’t dare to wear them, I have to cheer. That is why I choose this look like my favorite.