Sundae Inc Launches Retro Lingerie Collection

Recently the brand Ice Cream Sundae Inc, responsible for the costumes of Calendar Pin-Ups of the Retro Universe, released a collection of retro lingerie, with campaign starred by trademark owner, Miss Viva Las Vegas Pin-Up 2015, Marilia Skraba. With manufacturing and design 100% national, the pieces follow the basic colors of undergarments the years 40 and 50-champagne and black, without losing the femininity and functionality as current women require.

The idea permeates the mind of designer Curitiba for more than a year and, according to her, appeared in the same way as other collections of Sundae: in order to make up for the lack of specific pieces for Pin-Ups, which usually are made out of Brazil, for brands that don’t always export here, or, if they do, they end up having high costs. The pieces were all designed by Marilia and made in Brazil, taking into account the forms of the body of the brazilian.

“At the beginning of February I started the development of the collection, searching for materials that add to the piece, not only beauty, but functionality. This survey was to collect the rent and the compressor, thus creating a kind of Spanx with retro design. This innovation allows the use of lingerie for all women who wish to outline their curves; not only for the public but for vintage who seeks lifting of self-esteem and empowerment of the female body, and no longer wants to hide behind beige straps and ugly “, believes Skraba.

The collection consists of a type of Garter is remote dress, a skirt that is remote, Alloy Hot Pant Panty and Bra to combine and assemble the set. Following the traditional retro design, the parts under bring the six points in the League and no bra bulge, near the mouth of the time bras. Prices vary between 70 and 240 R$ R$. They are: garter Dress Lace-240 R$, Garter and lace-160 R$, Bra Lace-Lace Panties R$, 70-R$ 72.

For the dissemination of the collection, Marilia, who also is a producer of fashion and retro model, devised a test in partnership with the production company Be a Bombshell, inspired by the feminine sensuality when using lingeries, and as the retro fashion brings an air of diva to the people who use them. As well as the design of the calendar from Universe retro, the photos were taken by photographer Marcello Garcia, with Juliane Palesel beauty and location provided by the tattoo Studio Tattoo You. Check out the photos of the retro lingerie collection: Vintagematters.