Swimsuits and Bikinis Low-Cost for All Sizes

Turns out that I was mega-faithful to the bikinazos from Forever 21 + until last year. Summer after summer me saved the spectacular outfit (at the same time that comfortable) without having to invest more than € 20 per garment. Come on, a bargain. But this year my joy has fallen into a deep pit. Go swimwear hamijos terror! Formless, with shiny metal, as well as a very worthy of the real Pamela Anderson in 1996. And I, that I refuse to stuff my pleats in something that makes me look like a disco ball, but don’t want to spend more dollars in bikinis, I put hands to work to find substitutes to take to the beach this 2016.

Blessed big, if not sold something on Aliexpress is that it does not exist. So with beach clothes would not be outdone. Eye because many of the bathing suits and bikinis that you teach then already have tested, so I can give you first hand info from physicscat.com, and that is worth gold!

Mostly, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. As always, do not expect the swimsuit of your life for €3, spends a little more and from about 12-14€, you will find quite breaded things that can make you as happy as a my. Let’s start.

Important: If links do not take you to the direct product but to the cover of Aliexpress, click on the link with the right button of the mouse, copy the link address and paste it into another window to make it work.

1 Bikini To The 5XL.

Now it costs €20, but I got it for €14, so attentive to that safe low again. Quality is great and is worth without a doubt is very flattering. I bought the 4XL and would say that it is equivalent to a 46-48 without problem. To note, I use a 105 d and I was the perfect cup. The outline can be adjusted since it is tied with Ribbon. Definitely one of my favorites.

2 Swimsuit Siren To The 3XL.

This raffle it in WeLoversize, and despite what may seem, the quality also is very TOP. Right now it costs €14, it tends to be that price. The shape of the bathing suit picks up pretty well and chest is very flattering. That Yes, keep in mind that shines to stop and you will be glistening in the distance. If you’re a crazy of the sirens as we can not resist you. The 3XL is an approx. 46-48.

  1. Polka Dots To The 3XL Swimsuit

It now costs € 13 but I got it for something less. The 3XL equals that yes a 44 approx, it is not especially large. It is nice, the quality is decent and feel pretty good. A classic that never fails.

  1. Until The 4XL Retro Swimsuit

This is big, I think I caught the 3XL and perfectly served a 48. Don’t feel bad, but the chest to my stayed loose, I don’t know if it is that I was big or had too much reinforcement.

5 Bikinis Pin-Up Until The 4XL

There are a lot of prints to choose and they are cute. The problem with this bikini top is, they are not especially large. I grabbed the 4XL and stayed perfect with a 105 d. If you’re more buxom are you will come out a little the Thetis outside, but hey, matter of taste. For € 8 costing, quality is more than decent.

  1. Bathing Suit With Handwheel Until The 4XL

This will look good if you don’t have much breast, but it will be difficult to enter, that to start. It’s nice and cost €10, pues mira, is super.

  1. Bikini To The 4XL

I do not have this, but I am thinking about it because it’s cute. It cost €15 and has pintaza.

  1. Black With Transparency To The 4XL Swimsuit

This does not have it but I’ve seen photos of girls in networks and it is spectacular. Especially if we consider that it costs €7. Here’s the example of one of the girls that have purchased you.

I hope you like my selection and now you are already ready for the summer without spending a pasture… come those lorcitas in the Sun!