Alaska Tour: North to the Future

Alaska Tour

With an area of ​​Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux combined, Alaska is a colossal state to put it mildly. But it doesn’t stop there: two thousand glaciers, two million lakes and the highest mountains in all of North America make your visit to this state a real adventure. See the Northern Lights, visit the Eskimos and let yourself be driven around on a real dog sled! Read here what…

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Alaska – The Last Frontier

The Byron and Portage Glaciers at Portage Lake

The Last Frontier – icy El Dorado A vacation in Alaska is a very special experience for everyone. Alaska means “Big Country” in the Inuit language. The size of the US state of Alaska is actually over 1,710,000 km²; Alaska is the largest state in the USA. Alaska does not directly border the other US states, the “Lower 48”. The North American state of Canada lies in between. Apart from…

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