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Bosnia and Herzegovina Modern History

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country located in Southern Europe. With the capital city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a population of 3,280,830 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. After World War II, Bosnia became one of six sub-republics in Socialist Yugoslavia. The country was largely Tito’s construction hero, and after his death… Read More »

Bosnia and Herzegovina Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required Eat Drink cholera no Typhoid & Polio Yes no malaria no – yellow fever no Overview Medical care cannot yet be compared with Central Europe and is often still problematic in terms of technology, equipment and hygiene. In many cases there is also a lack of European-trained doctors… Read More »

Sarajevo Travel Guide

Sarajevo is an atmospheric mix of east and west. For many, Sarajevo is the first to come to mind the famous shots and war. However, the city has changed and developed into one of the most interesting destinations in Europe. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an exotic and hospitable capital with something to see on every… Read More »