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According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Bulgaria is a Balkan nation located in southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east. The total area of Bulgaria is 110,994 square kilometers and it consists of 28 provinces. The terrain is mostly mountainous with some flat plains along the coast of the Black Sea. The educational system in Bulgaria follows a compulsory primary education program that lasts for four years. Following this there are two years of lower secondary education followed by two years of upper secondary education. After completing lower secondary school students have the option to pursue an academic or vocational track. The academic track offers courses in science, mathematics, economics, history, geography and foreign languages while the vocational track provides technical training in areas such as engineering and computer sciences. After completing upper secondary school students can choose to pursue further studies at one of Bulgaria’s universities or colleges or take up an apprenticeship program at a local business or industry. See localcollegeexplorer for Bulgaria History.

Bulgaria Modern History

Bulgaria is a country located in Eastern Europe. With the capital city of Sofia, Bulgaria has a population of 6,948,456 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. After World War II, the monarchy was abandoned and Bulgaria became a Communist one-party state. The country cooperated closely with the Soviet Union. When Communism collapsed in Central… Read More »

Bulgaria Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required yellow fever no cholera no typhus no no malaria no no Eat Drink Overview The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid for nationals of EU and EFTA countries. The EHIC regulates care and reimbursement of costs in the event of illness for EU and EFTA citizens. The… Read More »

Bulgaria General Information

Bulgaria has become a very popular destination for a beach holiday. Moreover, completely different segments of the population prefer this country: the coast of Bulgaria is great for children or even for entire families, and, of course, for young people. Rest turns out to be of high quality and rich, and in combination with an… Read More »

Bulgaria Economy and History

Within the current borders the Bulgaria has a population of 7,629,000 residents (1956), with an average density of 70 residents / km 2. In the twelve-year period 1946-1958 the population of the Bulgaria increased by about 800,000 residents, that is by over 11%, despite the exodus of 160,000 Turks forced to emigrate in the years… Read More »

Bulgaria Arts

The early Christian buildings (domed basilica of Hagia Sophia in Sofia, fortifications of Hissar) show affinity with the architecture of Syria and Asia Minor. During the first period of the independent Bulgarian state, local Late Roman and Byzantine elements mingle with Sassanid Iranian influences brought by the conquistadors, particularly evident in the earliest period, which… Read More »