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Burkina Faso Modern History

Burkina Faso is a country located in Western Africa. With the capital city of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso has a population of 20,903,284 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. After independence in 1960, Burkina Faso was characterized by economic problems, political crises and coups. After Blaise Compaoré took power in a military coup in 1987,… Read More »

Burkina Faso Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required malaria 3 – yellow fever 1 Typhoid & Polio Yes – cholera 2 Eat Drink 4 – Overview Nationwide, significant bottlenecks in medical care are to be expected, which are often highly problematic in terms of technology, equipment and/or hygiene. In many cases there is also a lack… Read More »

Burkina Faso State Overview

History In the 11th century, the Mossi people, under the leadership of Vedraogo, laid the foundations for the Empire of Moro de Naba, the embryo of present-day Burkina Faso. The powerful Mossi kingdom resisted repeated invasions by Arab forces and consolidated its political structure. Later, the region was conquered by the French, who in 1919 created the Upper Volta colony. In 1932 Upper Volta was… Read More »