Colombia 2016 Part IV

Colombia Country 4

FOR EARLY ALLOCATION? This year’s Peace Prize award has been criticized by some for coming too early . After the referendum, the process has been moved back and it is currently uncertain whether it will move forward again. To this many respond that the Nobel Committee can award the prize not only for the results achieved for peace, but also for stimulating ongoing peace processes that may even be in…

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Colombia 2016 Part III

Colombia Country 3

The indigenous organization CRIC and the Afro-Colombian organization PCN work for young people to learn about the history and rights of indigenous peoples and Afro-Colombians, make them proud of their identity and give them tools to fight against discrimination and violations of rights. They are concerned with conveying that true peace can only be achieved by respecting the great cultural diversity of Colombia. The peace process has come a long…

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Colombia 2016 Part II

Colombia Country 2

Turnout was very low (37.43%). Low interest and a severe storm (Hurricane Mathew) over the Caribbean coast on election day prevented residents from reaching the polls. This is partly to blame for the low participation. The election results also show that most people who voted in favor of the agreement live in areas that have been hardest hit by the protracted war. Immediately after the result of the referendum was…

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Colombia 2016 Part I

Colombia Country 1

Peace talks between the Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas have gone further than ever. But the country still faces major challenges related to violence, discrimination and differences between rich and poor. The challenges have not diminished since the people recently said no to the outcome of the referendum. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize for 2016 can stimulate the peace process in the right direction? Hopefully this year’s NPD project…

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