France Modern History

France is a country located in Western Europe. With the capital city of Paris, France has a population of 65,273,522 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. Political instability and a disintegrating colonial rule led to the return of war hero Charles de Gaulle in 1958 as leader. The 1960s were financially successful but were characterized by social upheaval and revolt. During the 1970s, the economy was hit by a…

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France Banks

A Western European country, France is bathed by the English Channel to the north, the Bay of Biscay to the west and the Mediterranean Sea and Monaco to the south, and borders Belgium and Luxembourg to the northeast, Germany and Switzerland to the east. , Italy to the southeast and Spain and Andorra to the southwest. It has an area of ​​551 500 km 2 (including the island of Corsica…

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France Healthcare and Money

France Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required yellow fever no cholera no typhus no – malaria no – Eat Drink no – Overview The medical care is excellent, the costs are correspondingly high and you first have to pay for them yourself. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is valid for nationals of EU and EFTA countries. The EHIC regulates care and reimbursement of costs in the event of illness…

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State Structure and Political System of France

Politics of France

The National Assembly is vested with the right to seek the resignation of the government. The procedure is as follows: when rejecting a government program as a whole or a separate bill, the government raises a question of confidence; in response, the lower house is empowered to pass a special resolution of censure. With the support of at least 50% of the deputies, the cabinet is obliged to resign. However,…

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France General Information

FRANCE country symbol

Real romantics should definitely visit the capital and provinces of France. The unique atmosphere of this country can awaken the most tender feelings and give unforgettable emotions. According to, Paris is the capital of France. Bus tours to France from Minsk often involve stops in Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Avignon and other amazingly beautiful cities. Each of them has preserved many remarkable architectural monuments – small medieval monasteries, majestic cathedrals and…

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Germany: Europe’s New Superpower Part III

Germany - Europe's New Superpower 3

The certainty that they are good at solving challenges is reflected in Germany’s international role. As a large trading nation, they naturally place great emphasis on building a well-functioning global trading system, including the fight against tax havens. But it is in the climate and environmental field that they have excelled most in recent decades. Germany was a leader in the work of establishing the Kyoto agreement , and the…

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