Iraq Modern History

Iraq is a country located in Western Asia. With the capital city of Baghdad, Iraq has a population of 40,222,504 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. Iraq became independent in 1932 but the British influence remained until the monarchy was abolished in a military coup in 1958. Ten years later, the Baath Party took power. Under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial rule, the country was modernized, using the large oil resources,…

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Iraq Healthcare and Money

Iraq Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required yellow fever 1 cholera 2 malaria 3 – Typhoid & Polio 4 – Eat Drink Overview The level of medical care in large parts of the country is currently insufficient, either technically or in terms of personnel. Not all drugs are safely available. The Kurdish autonomous regions in the north are an exception. Comparatively better care is guaranteed there. Western European standards are…

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Foreign Fighters from Russia and Central Asia Part I

Russia and Central Asia 1

In January 2017, Turkish authorities arrested a man from Uzbekistan. He was a member of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) and is now suspected of having carried out the terrorist attack that killed 39 people at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve . The suicide bombers who blew themselves up at Istanbul’s Atatürk airport in 2016 came from the Russian republic of Dagestan and the Central Asian…

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