Italy – the Art of Twisting Part II

Italy - the Art of Twisting 2

The art of arranging ” L’arte di arrangiarsi ” – the art of twisting – is a key concept for understanding Italian society. Although the differences are great between the rich north and the poor south of Italy, there is a widespread tendency for a lot to go “on acquaintances” . 50 percent of Italians get a job after a personal recommendation, 39 percent through a personal contact and only…

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Italy – the Art of Twisting Part III

Italy - the Art of Twisting 3

In the 1994 parliamentary elections, Forza Italia went to the polls on a promise to change Italy. The charismatic Berlusconi promised tax cuts, the fight against bureaucracy and the abuse of power, and he claimed that his own success would become a model for the whole of Italy. And Italian voters were convinced. Berlusconi became Italy’s new prime minister, and not only that: he was to be the longest-serving prime…

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Venice Travel Guide


Venice is one of Italy’s most important tourist cities, and a city with such a well-preserved history that a trip there will be experienced as a journey back in time. The city is known for its many rivers and canals – and not least crossing bridges – and has an architecture and building style that dates from the 17th century. The best thing about the city is that everything seems…

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