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According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Malawi is a landlocked country located in southeastern Africa, bordered by Tanzania to the north, Zambia to the west, and Mozambique to the south and east. It has an area of 118,484 square kilometers and a population of just over 17 million people. The geography of Malawi is varied and includes high plateaus, mountains, hills, plains, valleys and rivers. The terrain consists mostly of rolling hills that gradually rise from the shores of Lake Malawi in the east. In the highlands near the border with Mozambique are some of Malawi’s highest mountains such as Mount Mulanje (3,001 meters) and Zomba Plateau (2,132 meters). Lake Malawi is also an important geographical feature that covers approximately 20% of the country’s surface area. Malawi’s educational system consists of three main levels: primary education, secondary education and higher education. Primary school education is free for all children aged 6-14 years old and lasts for seven years. At this level pupils learn basic literacy and numeracy skills as well as life skills such as problem-solving and communication. Secondary school lasts for four years from age 14-18 where pupils specialize in their chosen subjects such as science or business studies. Lastly there are higher education institutions which offer undergraduate degrees as well as masters and doctoral programs in specific fields such as engineering or medicine. Additionally, there are also technical schools providing vocational training for those wishing to pursue more practical career paths such as mechanics or nursing. See top-engineering-schools for Malawi Population and Geography.

Malawi Modern History

Malawi is a country located in Eastern Africa. With the capital city of Lilongwe, Malawi has a population of 19,129,963 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. In 1964, Malawi became an independent republic. After independence, Prime Minister Hastings Kamuzu Banda gathered all political and economic power to his own person, and banned all opposition.… Read More »

Malawi Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required yellow fever 1 cholera 2 Typhoid & Polio Yes – malaria 3 – Eat Drink 4 – Overview The standard of medical care cannot be compared to Europe. In the event of traffic accidents outside the cities, emergency care is not guaranteed. Clinics/Air Rescue: – Kamuzu Central Hospital,… Read More »