The Drug War in Mexico Part I

An updated variant of the Mexican flag

In 2010, Mexico had a double anniversary: ​​it was 200 years since the liberation from Spain began, and 100 years since the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution – the one that laid the foundation for the current Mexican state. But it was a celebration of distaste. For over half a century, according to INTERNETSAILORS, Mexico has been regarded as one of Latin America’s most stable, albeit authoritarian, states. Political and…

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The Drug War in Mexico Part II

Not exactly shooting sparrows with cannons

4: Democratization and neoliberalism However, the current situation cannot be understood without also looking at two important societal changes in Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s. One was a transition from a centralized one-party state to a more decentralized democratic system of government . Gradual reforms of the mid-1980s electoral system made it easier for opposition candidates to win. This contributed to the PRI having to relinquish power in 2000,…

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