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According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia located between Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. It has an area of 676,578 square kilometers (261,228 sq mi) making it the 40th largest country in the world. The terrain of Myanmar is mostly low-lying plains with some mountains in the north and east. The climate is tropical to subtropical with monsoons occurring during summer months. Myanmar’s educational system consists of both public and private schools as well as international schools for expatriates living in Myanmar. Primary education (ages 5-12) is free for all children in public schools but there are also private institutions available for those who can afford it. Secondary education consists of four years of schooling from ages 12-16 followed by two years of general studies or specialized studies at lycees or professional institutes from ages 16-18. Higher education institutions include several universities such as University of Yangon, Yangon Technological University, Mandalay University, Dagon University as well as many other private universities offering degree programs in various fields such as business management, engineering, hospitality management and more. Additionally, students may pursue vocational training programs at public or private technical centers such as Centre de Formation Professionnelle (CFP) or Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquées (ENSA). There are also international schools that offer a variety of curriculum options for expatriates living in Myanmar. See top-engineering-schools for Myanmar Population and Geography.

Myanmar Modern History

Burma is a country located in Southeastern Asia. With the capital city of Naypyidaw, Burma has a population of 54,409,811 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. After Myanmar, then called Burma, became independent from the colonial power of Britain in 1948, a civil war broke out between communist guerrillas and the government, led by… Read More »

Major Cities in Myanmar

Naypyidaw (Myanmar) In March 2006, according to ITYPEMBA, Naypyidaw was proclaimed the official capital of Myanmar. The name of the city is translated as “royal city”. It is located 3 km west of Pyinman. During the Second World War, Pyinmana and its suburbs were the base of the Independent Burmese Army, and later became the… Read More »

Myanmar Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required yellow fever 1 malaria 2 – Typhoid & Polio 3 – Eat Drink 4 – cholera 5 Overview Medical care cannot be compared with Europe and is often problematic in terms of technology, equipment or hygiene. There is often a lack of European-trained doctors who speak English or… Read More »

Myanmar Description

Exotic tours to Myanmar are a fascinating journey through the most mysterious country in Southeast Asia. Ancient Burma amazes with an abundance of religious sights and, not without reason, holidays in Myanmar are called holidays in the country of a thousand pagodas. Myanmar tour operator recommends that all travelers from Moscow and other regions visit… Read More »