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Netherlands Antilles Entry Requirements

The Netherlands Antilles were formed from the islands of Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Aruba has not belonged to the Netherlands Antilles since 1986. The Dutch overseas territory of the Netherlands Antilles was dissolved on October 10, 2010. Curacao and St. Maarten are now autonomous countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands,… Read More »

Netherlands Antilles Geography

Netherlands Antilles (Caribbean) – important dates for your vacation Area: 960 km² (Curacao 444 km², Bonaire 288 km², Sint Maarten (Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin) 34 km², Sint Eustatius 21 km², Saba 13 km²) Population: 228,693 (July 2011, CIA). Black and black ancestors 85%, others (indigenous American, Whites, Asians) 15%. Population density:… Read More »

Netherlands Antilles Arrivals

Curacao Airplane: KLM flies in cooperation with other airlines from Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich to Curacao (stopover in Amsterdam). Martinair also flies three times a week to Curaçao from numerous airports in Germany via Amsterdam. ArkeFly also flies from Amsterdam to Curacao. American Eagle and Air Jamaica (from Kingston and Montego Bay) fly to Curacao… Read More »

Netherlands Antilles Landmarks

The Netherlands Antilles are an interesting travel destination as there are a large number of different attractions and attractions Attractions are offered. So you should definitely see the capital Willemstad. The city has a particularly interesting architecture. The typically colorful Dutch gabled houses and many magnificent country houses of wealthy plantation owners are known for… Read More »

Netherlands Antilles Transportation

Curacao and Bonaire The only way to travel between the islands is by air. On the islands, many travelers choose to rent a car, an international driver’s license is required for this. Public means of transport outside of the larger towns are limited, but taxis drive often. Airplane: Since the routes between the islands are… Read More »