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According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Norway is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden, Finland and Russia to the east, and the North Sea to the west. Norway has an area of 385,207 square kilometers and is one of the world’s most sparsely populated countries with a population of just over 5 million people. The country is divided into 19 administrative regions and 4 counties. The geography of Norway is varied and consists of mountains, valleys, fjords, glaciers, islands as well as plains. The highest point in Norway is Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 meters above sea level while the lowest point is at sea level along the coast. The climate in Norway varies from temperate in the south to subarctic in the north with cool summers and cold winters throughout much of the country. The educational system in Norway follows a similar structure as other European countries with primary school lasting for seven years followed by secondary school for three years. After that students can choose between vocational schools or universities depending on their interests. Primary education is compulsory for all citizens aged 6-16 and free at all levels of education up to university level. Higher education consists of universities and specialized colleges throughout Norway that offer courses ranging from two-year certificates to six-year PhD programs. Most universities offer courses in English as well as Norwegian language allowing students from all over the world to pursue higher education here. In recent years there have been efforts to reform Norway’s educational system by introducing new curriculums based on European standards that focus on developing critical thinking skills amongst students rather than memorization techniques used previously. This has resulted in improved academic performance among students as well as increased enrollment rates at both primary and secondary levels. In addition to traditional academic degrees such as bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees some universities also offer professional degrees such as doctorates or law degrees which are awarded after completing an additional two or three year program respectively. Norway’s educational system also provides numerous opportunities for international students who wish to study abroad within Europe through its exchange programs with other European countries such as Denmark, Germany or France where they can spend one semester studying abroad while still receiving credit towards their degree back home in Norway. See top-engineering-schools for Norway Population and Geography.

Norway Modern History

Norway is a country located in Northern Europe. With the capital city of Oslo, Norway has a population of 5,421,252 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. During World War II, Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany. The difficult experiences of the war contributed to Norway joining NATO in 1949. The question of joining the… Read More »

Norway Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required Eat Drink no – malaria no – Typhoid & Polio no – yellow fever no cholera no Overview Anyone who is dependent on regular medical care should find out beforehand about the existing options in a sparsely populated country whose health care system has bottlenecks in some areas.… Read More »

Norway General Information

The Kingdom of Norway extends beyond the Arctic Circle to the northernmost point of Europe – the North Cape. On land, Norway shares borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway is an elongated and narrow country, more than 30% of its territory is covered with forests, many rivers and lakes. More than half of the… Read More »

Plastic in the Sea Part II

5: What are the consequences? Plastic litter of the sea is one of our most serious environmental problems, and it is increasing over time. As pointed out above, the problem is partly visual, something that touches on, for example, tourism negatively. On the one hand, there is a major problem with lost fishing gear, for… Read More »

Can Norway create peace? Part II

5: Norwegian peace contributions According to ebizdir, Norway has been involved in several well-known peace processes. In some it has gone better (for example in Colombia), in others it has gone worse (for example Sri Lanka). When we go through some of these, it is important to remember that we focus precisely on Norway and… Read More »

Can Norway create peace? Part I

For a number of years, Norway has profiled itself as a nation of peace and this year launched its candidacy for a seat on the UN Security Council. But how important is Norwegian peace work and what are Norway’s limitations and strengths as a peace broker? Why is it difficult to create peace? Why does… Read More »