Plastic in the Sea Part II

Plastic in the sea 2

5: What are the consequences? Plastic litter of the sea is one of our most serious environmental problems, and it is increasing over time. As pointed out above, the problem is partly visual, something that touches on, for example, tourism negatively. On the one hand, there is a major problem with lost fishing gear, for example so-called “ghost nets”, which continue to fish and contribute to increased pressure on fish…

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Can Norway create peace? Part II

Can Norway create peace 2

5: Norwegian peace contributions According to ebizdir, Norway has been involved in several well-known peace processes. In some it has gone better (for example in Colombia), in others it has gone worse (for example Sri Lanka). When we go through some of these, it is important to remember that we focus precisely on Norway and Norway’s efforts in the various peace processes. Other parties’ descriptions of these processes may not…

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Can Norway create peace? Part I

Can Norway create peace 1

For a number of years, Norway has profiled itself as a nation of peace and this year launched its candidacy for a seat on the UN Security Council. But how important is Norwegian peace work and what are Norway’s limitations and strengths as a peace broker? Why is it difficult to create peace? Why does Norway want to contribute as a peace broker? What peace processes has Norway contributed to?…

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