What to See in Koror (Palau)

Koror (Palau)

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, the city of Koror is located on the island of Koror. Until 2006, Koror was the capital of Palau. Now it is the main economic center of the country and its largest city, about 70% of the population of the Republic of Palau lives here. Koror has many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops. In the city, it is worth visiting the National Museum of Palau , which…

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Palau Healthcare and Money

Palau Money

Health care Overview Palau has two private and one public hospital. It is recommended to take out travel health insurance and travel repatriation insurance. Notes vaccinations For more information see Health in the main entry Pacific Islands of Micronesia. Other risks Dengue fever, which is transmitted by mosquito bites, occurs nationwide. An effective insect repellent is recommended. Hepatitis A and hepatitis B occur. A hepatitis A vaccination is generally recommended.…

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Palau Overview

Palau Economy

Economy Agriculture and self-sufficiency Many people on Palau work in agriculture and are largely self- sufficient with the cultivation of cassava, coconuts, bananas and sweet potatoes. Fishing also plays a role in the livelihood of the people. Only coconuts, copra and a little fish are actually exported. There is almost no industry. But Palau has to import many products, especially machinery, gasoline and food. The residents buy these in shops…

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