Saint Kitts and Nevis Modern History

St. Kitts and Nevis is a country located in North America. With the capital city of Basseterre, St.Kitts and Nevis has a population of 52,441 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. The road to independence became long for the British colony of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Since the 1870s, the two islands, together with Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands, form part of the Leeward Islands Federation. When this…

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Saint Kitts and Nevis Healthcare and Money

Saint Kitts and Nevis Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required Eat Drink 3 – malaria no – Typhoid & Polio 2 – cholera no yellow fever 1 Overview There are hospitals in Basseterre and Charlestown, and a smaller one in Sandy Point, St. Kitts. Several doctors and dentists have private practices. Due to the inadequate medical care, travel health insurance that includes return transport in an emergency should be taken out before you…

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