List of Major Banks in South Carolina

South Carolina Major Banks

The beautiful landscape of South Carolina stretches from the gently rolling hills of the Upcountry over the shimmering lakes of the Midlands to the wide sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast. Noteworthy plantations and the northwestern foothills, where fierce fighting took place during the American Civil War, testify to the rich history of the US state. On the coast is Charleston, a popular travel destination and originally the first permanent…

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South Carolina – Palm State on the Atlantic

South Carolina State Capitol

Palm State on the Atlantic The US state of South Carolina is located on the middle east coast of the USA on the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the southern states. South Carolina is also known as the “Palm State”. The Appalachian mountain ranges run through western South Carolina from south to north. About 5.1 million people lived in South Carolina in 2020. Almost a third of the population…

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