South Sudan: New Start for Fragile State Part III

From guerrilla soldier to government soldier

Part of the dissatisfaction is probably due to the failed handling of the many different South Sudanese militia groups that fought against the SPLM / A and received support from Khartoum during the civil war. The Juba government has tried to make these groups part of the South Sudanese government army. But trust between the soldiers and the ex-militias is low. Many of the former military soldiers have also shown…

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South Sudan: New Start for Fragile State Part I

Plenty of water - in periods

On July 9, 2011, the people of South Sudan rejoiced at finally having their own state and independence from Sudan. However, the very tense relationship with the former enemy in the north and the many conflicts internally in the south are in danger of undermining the peace and the work of building a viable state. What is the background of the new state? Is there peace between north and south?…

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