Major Cities in Tunisia

Monastir (Tunisia)

Tunis (Tunisia) According to ALLPUBLICLIBRARIES, Tunisia is an ancient city, over 1300 years old. Founded in the era of domination of the invincible Carthage. Built on a narrow strip of land separating Lake Sejumi and Lake Tunis, at the crossroads of major trade routes, Tunisia rapidly developed, surpassing Kairouan in importance and taking over the economic, political and religious functions of the capital. Belted by fortifications, with numerous palaces, mausoleums,…

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Tunisia Healthcare and Money

Tunisia Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required cholera no Typhoid & Polio Yes – malaria no – Eat Drink yellow fever no Overview Medical care is good, at least in Tunis, e.g. T. very good. Some restrictions are to be expected outside the capital. Occasionally there is also a lack of European-trained, English- or French-speaking doctors in the periphery. Before you start your journey, you should obtain the TN/A 11…

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Tunisia Agriculture and Breeding

Tunisia Agriculture

Like the other countries of minor Africa, Tunisia is a predominantly agricultural and pastoral country but also rich in substantial mineral resources (phosphates). The main resource, however, is made up of agriculture, whose income amounts to 4/5 of total production. After deducting the unproductive area, which accounts for 28% of the total area, more than half (50.5%) is represented by productive but not cultivated lands, 1/3 (2,934,000 ha.) By arable…

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