Turkey in the 1930’s and 1940’s

Turkey in the 1930's

Confident of having consolidated its security and sovereignty with the Montreux Convention for the Straits (1936), established friendly and collaborative relations with neighboring states through the Balkan Pact (4 February 1934) and the Thessaloniki Agreement with Bulgaria (1938) and with the Eastern Pact or of Sa‛dābād (1937) – which, however, did not stand up to the difficult test of the war already imminent or at least had no principle of…

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Turkey Dantesque Encyclopedia

The modern Turkey

Turkey. – The modern Turkey has its historical identification with the proclamation of the republic of Turkey (29 October 1923) which marked the end of the sultanate and the caliphate of the Ottoman Empire which lasted about 500 years. The Turkish state was born in Anatolia precisely at the time of D. who nevertheless never mentions it. The territories already belonging to the Arabs passed largely under the dominion of…

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