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According to topschoolsintheusa.com, Uruguay is a small country located in the southeastern region of South America, bordered by Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west. The country has a total area of 176,215 km2 and is mostly composed of low-lying plains, with some hills and highlands in the interior regions. The climate is temperate, with warm summers and cool winters. The educational system in Uruguay is based on the French model, with primary school lasting for eight years and secondary school for four years. All students are required to attend primary school from ages 6 to 14 and secondary school from ages 15 to 18. Upon completion of secondary school students can then go on to further study at universities which offer a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. The Uruguayan government provides free education up to the university level for all its citizens, including textbooks and other materials needed for learning. Additionally, there are several scholarships available for students who wish to pursue higher education but cannot afford tuition fees. Students can also take part in exchange programs between universities in Uruguay and other countries around the world. See topmbadirectory for Uruguay Politics and Known People.

Uruguay Modern History

Uruguay is a country located in South America. With the capital city of Montevideo, Uruguay has a population of 3,473,741 based on a recent census from COUNTRYAAH. Uruguay developed into a stable democracy and welfare state in the early 1900s. After the middle of the century, economic downturn led to increased contradictions and social unrest.… Read More »

Uruguay Healthcare and Money

Health care Vaccinations Vaccination needed receipt required yellow fever 1 cholera no Typhoid & Polio 2 – Eat Drink 3 – malaria no – Overview General medical care is good in Montevideo and adequate in the larger inland cities. In Montevideo there are hospitals and German-speaking doctors. However, the treatment costs are high. It is… Read More »