The Beaches of Busan

By | April 1, 2021

Busan is South Korea’s best destination for combining a beach vacation and a city break.

Located in the southeast corner of South Korea, Busan is the country’s second largest population center and one of the busiest port cities in the world. Both foreign and Korean tourists are particularly attracted to the city’s sandy beaches.


International port city

According to, Seoul is clearly South Korea ‘s largest and most famous city – few Finns have even heard of Busan, even though the metropolis of less than four million people is in fact the center of South Korea’s internationalization.

The city became a trading center hundreds of years ago, largely thanks to nearby Japan . The trade passed through the port of Busan, and the city became a very important center for South Korea.

Since then, tourists have also started to discover Busan. The sandy beaches of the city in particular are well known among Koreans, but the number of visitors from elsewhere continues to grow. The multicultural atmosphere is also positive for growing international tourism.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in the country and enjoys a beautiful scenic location by the sea.

Beach life in Korean style

When talking about the beaches of Asia, Korea may not come to the top of the tourist’s mind. There are , of course, reasons for the popularity of Thailand , Indonesia and other Southeast Asian destinations, but Korean coastal culture is also worth experiencing.

Untouched, deserted sandy beaches are a point to look for in Busan. Instead of a dreamlike paradise, Korean beaches reflect the culture of the country: they are full of people and live for four seasons just like the locals. In winter, the beaches of Busan are not worth a visit for swimming, but outside the beach season they host many cultural events.

Spa invitation

Busan offers luxurious spa experiences tailored for relaxation, complemented by a wide range of services. Indeed, Korean wellness spas guarantee a complete break from hectic everyday life.

Some spas offer a break from the beaches filled with families with children, as it is forbidden to take children to some wellness centers.

Weather and seasons

Busan, like all of Korea, has a continental climate that feels virtually warm and humid summers as well as cold, dry winters. However, the location in the very southeast corner slightly softens the temperature variation. For example, winter in Busan is slightly warmer than in northern Seoul.

The most suitable time to visit the city depends on the tourist’s interests. If you would like to beaches, it is worth the trip to go during the summer months, during which the mercury is twenty degrees better side effect from another.

If, on the other hand, you want to avoid the heat and get more out of the city, it’s a good idea to schedule the trip in the spring or fall, when the milder atmosphere allows for longer walks in the city and surrounding nature.


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Busan is an important port city for South Korea. For the traveler, it offers variety to the capital, Seoul.

Direct flights in spring 2020

Domestic Finnair will fly to Busan with direct flights from March 2020. The flight, which operates a few times a week, flies to Busan in just under nine hours, and the cheapest round-trip tickets cost around € 800.

With several shifts, flights can be obtained at best for less than 500 euros, but travel times easily stretch to more than a day. Traveling through the capital Seoul can also be considered, as the train journey from Seoul to Busan folds in a few hours.

Accommodation and hotels

As Busan is a major city, the accommodation offer in the city is comprehensive. A budget holidaymaker lives modestly and usually pays just over twenty for a night – you can of course get a cheaper one if you get a good offer or you can see a little effort on the spot.

If you crave quality accommodation, there are several five-star hotels and many international chains such as Hilton and Best Western operate in the city.

If you need local experiences, you can stay overnight in many inns and hotels in Korean. Especially those looking for pampering should stay at local spa hotels.

By metro around the city

Busan is easily taken over by using the four-line metro network for daily commuting. A metro that runs regularly and at short intervals is the easiest and simplest way to travel in a city of millions.

South Korean taxis are also cheap, especially for those accustomed to the Finnish price level, but especially during peak hours, it is better to prefer the subway.



For the Instagram-updating traveler, the colorful cultural village of Gamcheon is one of Busan’s best scenic spots.

Lecceing on Haeundae beach

Haeundae Beach is easily the most famous tanning spot in all of South Korea, which is sure to be full of sun worshipers in good weather.

The white sand isn’t quite as subtle as perhaps on the paradise beach of imagination, but what it loses in the milieu wins in the atmosphere and services. Haeundae is the perfect place to combine a successful city break with a beach holiday.

In addition to sun worshipers, Haeundae is also regularly filled with cultural enthusiasts as well as music listeners, as the beach regularly serves as a venue for festivals and other events.


Fall in love with the cultural village of Gamcheon

The cultural village of Gamcehon is a dream destination for everyone who uses Instagram, and the colorful houses built on its slopes make the camera sing. The residential area is full of paintings and colors by local artists, so walking there is especially worthwhile if you’re looking for a different city break in a city of millions.

The village of Busan, named after Macchu Picchu, is full of hills, so be prepared for a staggered training day.

To the nature of Taejongdaeen

One of Busan’s best natural attractions, the Taejongdae area is famous for its rocky beaches and nature. Among other things, there is a hiking trail in the area.

In good weather, a piece of Japan can even be seen from Taejongda if the island of Tsushima is on the horizon – although there is a dispute between Japan and South Korea over who actually owns the island.

To be silent in the temple of Beomeosa

Beomosa Temple on Mount Geumjeongsan has seen a lot. Founded over a thousand years ago, the temple is one of Busan’s most popular attractions.

In addition to the architecturally stopping building, Beomosa’s milieu is also fabulous. It is worth heading to the temple especially when spring comes, when the valleys filled with trees and flowers come to life.

About the spa luxury at Spa Land

Located in the Shinsegae Centum City complex, Spa Land is an incredibly large wellness center. The facility, open from morning to midnight, consists of more than twenty smaller spas.



From March 2020, Busan will be accessible by direct flights.

The best beaches

  1. Haeundae
  2. Gwangalli
  3. Dadaepo
  4. Songjeon
  5. Donbaek Island

The best experiences

  1. Beach vacation
  2. Shopping and traditional Korean night markets
  3. Gamcheon Cultural Village
  4. Hiking trip to Taejongdaeen
  5. A visit to Haedong Yonggungsan or Beomeosa Temple