The Best Place to Relax in Turkey

By | May 23, 2022

Sun, sea, quality service – these are the components of a successful vacation. This country is ready to provide not only recreation and entertainment, but also slopes and mineral springs adapted for skiing. In order to understand where it is better to relax in Turkey, you need to decide for yourself: what are your goals?

It is possible, conditionally, to distinguish three main types of recreation that Turkey can offer:

  • Beach vacation.
  • Skiing.
  • Treatment.

Consider everything in order

Sun, sea and sand…

According to topschoolsintheusa, Turkey differs from other places in that it can offer an inexpensive and varied holiday for vacationers of all ages. Young people, families with young children, elderly couples – everyone has their own version of a good holiday of interest.

So, for couples with children, most hotels offer children’s clubs, where professional animators work. So the question: where to leave the children is resolved. At this time, you can not only sunbathe, but also take advantage of the offers of interesting excursions (in the event that your child is not yet ready to attend these events with you).

For excursions, one of the best options can be visiting Istanbul, Ephesus, Dalyan, Icmeler, which will not only delight you with their beauty, but also help you see the true Turkey.

On any of the Turkish beaches you can have a great rest, but there are the best beaches with a well-groomed coastal zone and transparent clear water where you will remember your vacation for a long time:

  • so, one of the famous beaches stretched for 20 km, not far from the village of Patara. The prices here are quite affordable;
  • in a quiet harbor, among the mountains, Oludeniz beach is located. Even in a strong storm, there are no waves here;
  • beloved by tourists and locals, Side beach will meet you with white sand and clear water.

If you are faced with the question of where it is better to relax in Turkey inexpensively and well, the resort of Alanya is ready to offer you this. A complete vacation at an affordable price, cheap hotels near the beach.

Narrow sandy beaches are perfect for families with children. From May to September is the best time to visit this resort area. Although already in April and almost until the end of October it is warmer here than in any other resort in the country.

Belek, Bodrum, Marmaris are the most prestigious resorts. They are famous for luxurious hotels, pine forests, orange groves. It has everything for outdoor enthusiasts: quad biking, yachting, horseback riding, scuba diving in the endless sea.

Kemer is a very picturesque resort in Turkey. The heat is not noticeable here, because, unlike Alanya, everything is buried in greenery. Here you can relax with the whole family in a picturesque place, where you will be met by pebble beaches, amazing nature of forests and mountains.

Another plus in favor of Kemer is a short distance from Antalya airport, which is good for families with children. It will take you about an hour to get to your hotel. Getting to the hotels in Alanya, you will have to spend more than 2 hours on the bus.

Mountains can only be better than mountains…

Alpine skiing is successfully developing and gaining momentum. This type of holiday is becoming more and more popular. And if you have recently joined the ranks of beginner skiers and still do not know where it is better to relax in Turkey in winter, pay attention to such resorts:

  1. Palandoken is the youngest resort in the east of the country, the average air temperature is 9 degrees. The height of the snow cover reaches 2 meters. The lifts are working. The tracks are laid at an altitude of 2 to 3 thousand meters. The best season is from mid-December to April. Most importantly, there are special areas for beginners. Prices are democratic, which will allow you to use the services of an instructor and rent equipment.
  2. Uludag ski resort is located 170 km from Istanbul. Here the snow covers the slopes up to 3 meters. The cost of the lift is included in the stay. The slopes are not steep, so for beginner skiers this is what you need.

For soul and body

And finally, the third direction is Balneotherapy. Turkey is a country where there are many mineral springs and mud, which are famous for their healing properties. Many of them are famous for their positive effect on people with rheumatism, neuralgic, skin diseases.

Among the most popular resorts:

  • Balchova is a famous thermal resort near the city of Izmir.
  • Pamukalle is a resort “visiting card” of Turkey. It is popular primarily as an outstanding landmark of the country.
  • Kangal is a thermal resort with world fame as the main “natural” center for the treatment of skin disease psoriasis.

Holidays at one of these resorts will bring you a lot of impressions and a charge of vivacity for the whole year. Where it is better to relax in Turkey will also be prompted by reviews of tourists who have visited Turkey. Feel free to ask for advice on travel forums and communities. The main thing that you should decide for yourself:

  • How do you want to spend your vacation? Quiet and calm, or noisy and active.
  • How much are you willing to spend on vacation?
  • And are there places that you have heard about more than once and dream of visiting?

If so, then maybe it’s time to fulfill your dream.

The Best Place to Relax in Turkey